My Brother

I miss my brother terribly but slowly the heart does heal. Life ticks by whether you want it to or not. People walk and talk, yet my mind keeps going back to two weeks ago when I looked at my brother’s face for the last time. Forever imprinted in my mind I visit this place many times daily.

Yesterday to my horror, I was informed I have two debts to pay from my brother’s passing. I won’t go into long details but I will say that one is the nursing home he was once in and the other is the repayment of his last Social Security check he received in March.

I am trying hard not to be embarrassed by what I am about to ask. I took good care of my brother. I completed the goal of having him pass away at home, but it takes money to care for others and I did this with no hesitation, giving and providing every need or desire he had.

Now, alas I have started this fundraiser in hope that any monies donated can be put towards these two bills. I am so sorry to come to you, but I am out of extra money to do this task.

Here is the link to the fundraiser if you should choose to help out in even the smallest of ways. Thank-you my friends for taking the time to read this.



27 thoughts on “My Brother

  1. I wish I could contribute but a string of items need replacing have wiped me out, but I do want to send my love at this time I have been so busy I had not been reading blog posts so did not hear of Al’s passing until your last post, I know things must be incredibly hard for you at the minute but you must take comfort knowing his pain and suffering is ended then you must pick yourself up and live life to the full, not only for yourself but also for Al for every where you travel a piece of him will always be with you in your heart xxx


  2. My dearest Terry ….. it’s sad to see that you have to deal with this at this time in your life. When I saw your post initially, I was glad to see you here. But this shouldn’t be the way.
    Hugs to you, dear friend!!!


    • Thank you for understanding. My emotions are still on high. I can’t believe after all I did and the money I gave to care for him, that I have to deal with this, well I am going to say it, CRAP!! LOL


  3. I hope you got my card I sent. I hope what’s inside can be useful. Its not much but a few “not muches” add up to enough, I hope. I’m sorry you can’t escape this monetary aspect to your loss.


    • Oh thank goodness you commented. I did get your card and I have had a terrible time trying to find an email address for you. I wanted to thank you in a private manner but this will do. I was so surprised by your gift. It is being saved back for this big bill. I really appreciate it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hugs and blessings


  4. it’s a shame that after caring for your brother the way you did that you would have to deal with this now. i thought the nursing home had been sorted out? i am so sorry that you are still having to fight. sending big warm hugs and love to you my friend


    • The nursing home was sorted out as long as Al was alive I guess. The Ombudsman said that when Al passed a way the payments would cease, but the nursing home doesn’t like this idea at all.


      • You don’t need to do a thing Al. You have always been here for me and by me. What more could I ask? I want to thank you for the card. It was beautiful. I received so many and every time I sit down to thank everyone I tear up. I have to make a post and thank everybody though. It is rude not too. You will always be in my heart my friend


    • I guess life continues forward even when the heart is breaking. God will take care of this like he does every other time. I need to continue to keep my hope


  5. How terrible to have to deal with these sort of things. Will share this on Twitter in hopes that others can help. I have lots of expenses right now. But – can contribute my lunch money since I’m working from home this week.


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