I Cried As I Read This

http://hrexach.wordpress.com  Dr. Rex has nominated me for an award. One that I have never heard of but when I read about it I started thinking about Al and his life.

The award is called the Seed of Light award.

seed-of-light-award11I began to instantly look back at the seed that began to live on May 3rd, 1955. On that day a baby boy was born. I have no photos of what he looked like when he was a baby so I have always used my imagination.

One baby boy born into innocence. One baby boy tossed aside for being mentally challenged. How does a child grow up in a world when he has been kicked by a term other than normal.

It doesn’t matter what the story was, or who said what, or even how it began. What matters is how he learned, what he learned and what did he take with him when he died from this earth.

I don’t look back, well not much, at our past. Ours was not a pretty one, but I am sure there are other children who had worse beginnings than ours. What I look at is what did he do while I cared for him those seven last years of his life. How did he and I react together? Was I able to prove to him in some small way that he was worthy of receiving love as a human being deserves.

I believe in my heart I did my very best. On his death bed as he told me he loved me for the first time I smiled. My heart burst with joy. He had said the words. I always thought he loved me but never quite knew for sure.

A seed, a precious seed, which seemed wilted for so long, finally took root and with proper love and support grew to be a tall stem with many colorful flowers.flower blooming When God saw the work was finished he told Al, “You finished the job. You went from a seed in the dirt to a beautiful rose. Now it is time to come home.”

Thank-you so much Dr. Rex for this beautiful and thoughtful award.



Thank the person who nominated you.

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My nominations are:

AR Neal
Patty B
burningfireshutinmybones.wordpress.com x

20 thoughts on “I Cried As I Read This

  1. Terry, Terry, Terry, Congratulations!!!! You never cease to amaze, and you deserve this award more than anyone I know. I have known you for a very long time, we knew each other has kids growing up, as young ladies, and now…but you have inspired me, and you have made me proud to know you for everything that you are about. You have come a very long way..and you should be very proud for what you, and for what you and Al have achieved together.

    God Bless you both…


    • I can still remember you with that long hair, flipping it back and forth to show The Power. LOL. I have great memories of you!. Thanks for an awesome comment. If you ever come home for a visit, would love to see you


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