Invisible Love

Invisible Love


For God so loved the world

Did he choose  the lucky ones

What about the poor

Did he only see the beauty

Or all that came through the door.


Did he leave us and then part

To make it on our own

Did he wave to us goodbye

Or has  his light but always shown.


Did he give us a heart

Did  he give us eyes to see

Did he give us all our senses

Or do you think he forgot about me?


I know in fact we are special

He gave his all to fill

The love he knows we need

If only we do his will.


Although we feel alone at times

And like no one really cares

I know that he walks beside me

No doubt he really cares.


So the next time I am down

And feeling all to low

I will kneel down on my knees

Asking him to lead where I must go.

Written by,

Terry  Shepherd





12 thoughts on “Invisible Love

  1. Great poem. We have all had times when we have felt like God may have forgotten about us. Really hard times hit everyone. God is there and He cares more than we can possibly imagine.


    • Oh definitely true. I know when my brother was so ill I could ask God a hundred times why. Why are you leaving him to suffer…………I never knew the answer but I will ask God when I get to heaven. Many times through his illness I felt alone but so many friends and blogging pals kept lifting me up. Thanks Robin


  2. We all have a path to walk, whether We follow God, Buddha, or whoever and a reason for being.
    It is patiently waiting for that new path the open up before us and it will.


  3. i can’t wait to see him face to face, the veil of flesh rent. it’s so hard sometimes. even having him living in my heart there are times when things are cluttered and how he feels about me is hard to perceive.


    • my family came over for a couple of hours. It was nice but then they left. I sunk again. Thankfully my other daughter in law and my granddaughter invited me out to supper tonight. Thankful for this and thankful that this day is almost over


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