A Better Afternoon

After the meeting I didn’t want to attend, I had another place I really didn’t want to go. At least it is a common place and I am not afraid of the man in the white jacket. No, not that kind of white jacket. Not a white jacket for me, for heaven’s sake, don’t you know me better than that by now? LOL

No the white jacket was worn by the good-looking man with the nice smile; my doctor. Every three months I have to go in to get lab work done for my diabetes. Every time I have to go in a week later and hear what he has to say.

I didn’t hear anything bad this time really. Usually he brings up  my smoking but he didn’t. He looked through my newly published book, Dahlia. He asked me if I was writing a new book and I told him yes, that it was going to be about Al and his MSA.

He said all my numbers on the lab work were good. He even said my sugars were lower than last time on the A-1C test, a test for diabetics to see how they are doing on an average.

You would think they don’t trust us to eat right all the time so they have to push this special test on us. Me, not eat right all the time? Would I ever consider eating more properly the week before going in for labs? I guess I will let you ponder on that one.

On the way and back I snapped a few photos. It seems that when I use my camera, I forget about the world. I don’t think about money, or Al or even my mood swings. No, I just think about what can I take a photo of so I can share it with my friends.

So here are the finished product. I always hope to get better each time. Maybe I do, and maybe I don’t. I guess the one taking the photo is the worst critic of all.

doctor's officeflagsremodelingweeping willow

17 thoughts on “A Better Afternoon

  1. Great to here you are doing well .. I am on isagenix and I always eat better the week before I see my friend that got me on it .. All in all list 30 pounds.. Live .. Laugh ..love .. Glad that book is coming along!! Heart to heart Robyn


    • I think it is great you lost that much? I don’t have the money for all those fancy ways of losing weight. I just have to watch my intake and try not to eat after supper


      • Yea I hear you about money for product..retiring this month …so I have only paid 300 once..so learned to eat way better because i get sick and feel really bad the next day…I just watch intake more now also…love your honesty girl…Heart to Heart Robyn


      • That is the best way, to watch our intakes. Too many people try all those diet fads, and then if and when they lose some weight, they gain it back. The truly real way to lose is to eat less calories, period!!!! You are doing it right!!!


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