A Few Finds Today

In less than an hour I am leaving for a fish fry with some friends. I wanted to hurry and squeeze in a quick post for you to read this evening.

I made myself get out today. Well, I had to go get medicines at the Pharmacy but decided to stay out, to not hurry home to my room. I did pretty good. I got a little panicky but it left

I went to a store I love to visit here in town. Then I dropped in at a new store that just opened up. I enjoyed and took my time looking at all the goodies. Money is something I have to be careful about so I was being choosy too. I didn’t want to go home empty-handed. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because I had taken the giant step to leave the house so I wasn’t coming home without a reward.

I did find a few things. I found an antique oval mirror.DSC00416

Then I discovered a cute, antique photo framed baby.DSC00415

Last, I found this hanging pot holder. I bought it and took it home and made it into a cute little decoration for the home.DSC00414

People say I have a knack for decorating so we shall see if anyone likes this. I placed these items for sale on my antique page and also at buy, sell,  here in Warsaw on my Facebook page.

Well time to get going. I will be ready for bed tonight, I have been on the go so much today. Talk to you soon friends

19 thoughts on “A Few Finds Today

  1. How wonderful that you are going out to a fish fry with friends and hope that fish melts in your mouth.
    Beautiful mirror.
    Have a great time out and hope your set well tonight.


  2. Very good to hear you are making these efforts to get out and socialize! Going shopping is always a fun idea, too…keep an open mind and willing feet. Take care on this Sunday. Be kind to yourself.


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