He’s (She’s) So Fine

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What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?

Well now this gives me an opportunity to look back, way back to a different time in my life.


Back in those days I looked entirely different at relationships than I do today. I looked at being in love.valentine I didn’t see too much of a future unless it had to do with wedding gowns.

wedding gownOh, don’t misunderstand. Marriage and kids, being with the man I adored all worked out for quite a while.

But what I didn’t look at was compatibility. How would we differ in raising our children? How did we feel about God? What about trust, was it really in the cards?

tarot cardsWell today I have been divorced for seven years. I don’t really like it. Being alone is not the icing on the cake in life for me. For some it is, but I like companionship.

Now, all these years later if there is an interest between a guy and myself, I will look for the common denominators before jumping madly in love.

common denominatorNow I want to make sure that we both believe in the important things. Money, God, what do we expect out of each other.

It is a little harder to find this as I get older, but I don’t give up hope. Even as I sit in my rocker in my eighties I will still carry a little hope rocking-chair. Maybe I will meet him in the nursing home where I will live. I hear there are some ornery ones in there.

I do know that I want a man who doesn’t want or need to be taken care of. I want a man who thinks of me for a change as a lady. Maybe he could spoil me just a bit, like I spoiled my brother.

Hopefully he has a wonderful smile, and good-looking would be nice too. He has to respect and love his family. This is a must for me. Wow, I am getting picky now aren’t I? Well what drew me to a guy in the beginning has changed due to what I have lived and learned. I just know there is a stud-muffin somewhere out there with the passion of a running horse, just waiting to meet me.


12 thoughts on “He’s (She’s) So Fine

  1. You deserve the best and sending good vibes he stands before in this path called life.
    Hugs and have a wonderful week end.
    The sun is shining here and I am getting out to the shore bird festival if the rain stays away long enough.


  2. I agree with you , I also have changed my ideas about a man since I was young. I am certainly more picky and that is since my divorce. We do learn Terry and I think that is really good as we now do know what we want and makes us happy. I was dating again and met quite a couple but somehow every one had something I didn’t feel right with. and I thought I am too picky but I don’t want to go for one just for the sake of it. Still Terry my last date swept me of my feet. It was the perfect date I had always dreamt of. I have met him since again and we are getting on so well. He smiles with his eyes ( I like that) and is more like me, calm , patient, kind, happy and my heart is jumping when I get a text from him. See how it goes, happy to say he feels the same.
    There is one out there who is perfect for you, has things in common with you. Our dreams will come true!


    • Thanks Robyn. The lonliness eats at me. It can make me feel like no one cares and can bring me down bad if I don’t take notice of myself daily, knowing how easy it is to slip into depression. Realizing this is perhaps brought on by the loss of my brother and yet yearning to be cared about by that special man


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