Be Not Afraid

Ever since Al died and I left for a week, wild creatures decided to throw a party inside my house. I thought when I walked through the door how quiet it is. I was wrong but it took me a few days to notice.
I was being watched. Behind my steps followed smaller ones. I had a mouse. Well I hope it was only one. All of a sudden I was afraid. I was alone.
Now let us look closer at this picture. I think we can all agree that a mouse is short minus the length of his tail. He sure isn’ t very tall. Nothing really ugly about them. In fact they are sort of cute with the wiggly nose and their cute little ears. Then there is me. I am taller and wider than a mouse. Looking from a mouse’ s eyes, I probably look like a big giant to him.
I went out in the kitchen to get something and there he was. Sitting in front of the stove. I froze. He sat still. If we each had guns you could place us in a shoot out in an old black and white western.
I made up my mind he was out of here. Nothing that has tails and beady eyes has been invited to visit here. I bought the steel wool. I bought the bait. When the caregiver came to visit today I puwicked witcht her to work at placing all the weapons in place.
She told me a funny story about one of her children who happens to be a teen male. He was getting something out of his shed when a mouse jumped to escape and landed on him. He started running and screaming she said. I laughed and laughed realizing a guy can be just as afraid of alittle old mouse as I am. I didn’ t elaborate to my friend how fear gets the best of me. I didn’ t explain how when darkness takes over and the gobblins come out, I turn into an inspector. I look out of the corners of my eyes watching. If I need to go to the bathroom or kitchen I put shoes and socks on. I grab the near- by broom and walk like I am walking on hot coals. Each step I take I am thinking; where are you little mouse? Did you escape before we plugged the holes? Then when I finish what I came out of my room for I race for my room and jump on the bed, getting my feet off the floor. Will I sleep alone tonight? I hope so

14 thoughts on “Be Not Afraid

    • Yes you are right. Fear is not gender related. It is our upbringing that divides male and female. I have to laugh or I would be sitting up in bed with my broom. Lol


  1. Ya know I have had pet hamsters and loved them but not mice or rats.
    I guess it is the tails that make them so unappealing to me.
    I hope you got rid of your little uninvited visitor and got some sleep.
    We have no critters around here because of Ali the great hunter-well-the princess. 😛


  2. Oh my, how I identify with the fear of mice. I’m so bad I put out mouse poison when I move into a new place — just in case … And I don’t mind admitting it. Years ago my landlady — a very stalwart vermonter who never feared anything and could d anything — caught a mouse in a trap and called the man across the street to deal with it.


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