Would You Like My Book Signed?

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If you would like to purchase my book, Dahlia you may directly from me. By clicking the Buy Now button this will take you directly to PayPal.

There the price of the book plus S&H charges will be viewed to you. You may purchase inside the USA or International.

I will sign the book for you if you request.

Make sure to send me your mailing address so I may send it to you.

Books will not begin to ship out to your address until the middle of May.

Thank-you friends and hugs.

I made an error and priced inside USA too much S&H. I have made an adjustment. I think I caught it before anyone bought it since I fixed it early this morning. Now it is correct on both International and Interstate. Thanks

Dahlia front cover

20 thoughts on “Would You Like My Book Signed?

    • If you just bought it did you buy it from my site or Amazon? It will only be autographed if it is coming from me here on my blog. These won’t be sent out until mid May to you. If you bought it from Amazon, you will need to send it to me for me to sign. Please let me know


  1. I’m really sorry, but I can’t order the book by way of the button. The postage is just too high. I thought you were within the U.S. I just checked at the post office yesterday and determined that within the U.S. a charge of $3.00 would cover the postage plus a small amount for handling. When I get my buttons, that’s what I’ll be charging. (I’m in Minnesota)


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