Floating Ideas but no Ship to Sail

Well I don’t know anymore about me than I did yesterday; but the brain is ticking. I joined Care.com

I was able to place a profile and search and apply for jobs for a fee. I put my titles as house keeper and care giver. I have applied for one opening already.

I don’t know if this is what will work for me or not, but having some work in an area I have experience in will benefit me.

My dream job of course is to be a spokesman for MSA or to be recognized for my published book, but dreams do not always come true.

I am a great organizer. I did learn that about myself as I spent quite a bit of time last night on my bed going back in time at my qualities. You would not believe how hard it is to remember what it is about me that works.

I have not thought about me for almost eight years, and now I have to. I like being in charge. This doesn’t mean I thrive on being boss. I do know that I like to be a big part of making a difference, or getting a new project off the ground. My mind is always ticking.

I know that I love to speak. I love to teach. I love to help those who are searching for answers. If I was techy at building web sites, I would have a web page that would be available to anyone searching for answers about MSA.

I seem to have a knack for decorating. Many compliments have been tossed my way about how I can take nothing and make it into something cozy and cute. I looked into building a web site and found out I don’t know squat and the price to build is taller than my own height.

So all these ideas, floating around in my head and yet too unqualified to put anything together, so for now, I guess I will see if I can land a job on this new site for me, Care.com


22 thoughts on “Floating Ideas but no Ship to Sail

  1. I believe things fall into place. We just have to be ready to recognize the path when it opens.

    p.s., if you go to WordPress, they have a place with directions for putting in a button to PayPal. My problem arose because I created a “shopping cart,” but it turns out WordPress can’t handle that. Apparently it has to be one button per one book. I’m meeting tomorrow with someone who’s going to help me work my way around the widgets. If I learn something useful and repeatable I’ll let you know.

    When you have your button, I’ll order your book directly from you. I believe you will get more money for yourself that way. (p.s. be sure to charge for postage and handling, and for taxes in your own state.)


  2. Part of being healthy is dreaming about the future, and since I know that in the next 6 months to a year I will be a widow, I start to think about what I can do. I’m like you, in that as good of a caretaker as I am, I don’t want to take care of anyone – at least for awhile. I’m in my mid 50’s and I will have no financial resources when he is gone and no “Formal” education, I’m tired and my body is worn out. But this I know, God gave me a verse Joshua 1:3 “Every place upon which the sole of your foot shall tread, that I have given to you, as I promised Moses.” He gave it to me when we first found out Bob was sick and I had no idea where or how we were going to get all the things we were going to need. God gave us everything, when we needed it, so I trust Him that he will provided for me when the time comes. In the meantime I play with ideas, keeps my mind from the darker thoughts and I share them with Bob so he knows I’ll be okay when he’s gone. He worries more about me than himself. God will provide a way for you.



    • Thank you for the verse Susan. I appreciate it. I don’t know why I am so worried. I know God will take care of me, but my worrying is still happening. I am wondering what you and I will do


  3. Be easy on yourself – a lot has happened & you are going through a lot of physical & emotional changes.
    Something will happen soon. Keep the faith.
    Best to you in your new method of job searching. Maybe try a head-hunter or contract agency too. That may help get you started with a job as well.


    • when you said head hunter, I thought head hunters with masks and weapons, lol. I thought I could hear myself telling them, You, me need work, you go scalp em, bring me job!!! LOLOLOL, Seriously, thank you for keeping me in line and remembering things are still fresh from Al


  4. i am really hoping you do not have to do anything that will be physically detrimental. as far as a caregiver? i am hoping you are able to find an alternative field. it hasn’t been long since the loss of your brother. is it possible you can have a little more time? what about a roommate to cut your costs? have you explored all possible avenues with msa? do they have any paid positions? i am sure you have thought of this and more guess i just want to say i care and will be thinking of you. sending love and hugs


    • Hi dear friend. I never thought about paid positions with MSA. I always thought volunteer. I will look into this. I have some time I can wait but I worry. The great words I could hear would be I have a job but I don’t start for a month. Thanks for the tip. Love n hugs to you


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