God Did It Just Right

It’s been quite a day. I changed my bedding. I then began cleaning house. I went to hang something in the hall closet and smelled what seemed like death. I thought, oh my gosh, that mouse is dead in here.

I tore the closet apart with my bare hands. With my teeth gritted together I tore at anything that was boxed and quickly threw it on the floor in fear a live or dead mouse would jump out at me.

Nothing but a few mouse droppings. I swept and steam-mopped the closet and put everything back in nice and clean. I guess that mouse drove me to Spring cleaning, darn mouse.

The mouse trap I put peanut butter on has not been touched in three days. There is no more signs of any mouse under the cupboards. Maybe the little bugger is gone.

So the whole day was spent cleaning. Then this afternoon I saw something on my postings at Facebook. It was a dog, a cute dog that looked at me with eyes of love. Through talking and working things out I got a new pet at a price I could afford.

God had it all planned out to the letter T. I don’t have much money, but a friend owed me some money. The money arrived right before pick-up of the dog. The supplies to take care of the dog, you know, food, treats, chew toys, his crate came to about just the right amount of money my friend gave me. It was planned by God. It just worked out too well, and the timing could not have been better.

So here is my new pet. A schnauzer. He is six months old. I don’t think he is full-blood, but I can definitely tell he is one. I named him after my brother. So his name is AJ. Monday I will call and make an appointment to get his shots and neutered.

My new dog

31 thoughts on “God Did It Just Right

  1. Awwe he is adorable. I am so happy for you! And am so happy about the mouse issue. I am the same room I run screaming my husband comes running thinking what is wrong and then laughs at me. He threw one once into the garbage that he caught with the trap and I found it! I cussed him out for a long time LOL. Love ya girlfriend!


    • I would have screamed and cussed. LOL, I am so afraid of them. I don’t know why, they are so much smaller than me, but those beady eyes, and skinny tail, yuck!!!


  2. Pets are so good for you mentally…think about it…you have someone to talk to now without anyone accusing you of talking to yourself. Enjoy AJ to the fullest…sure to get you out on walks and enjoying the weather as it improves.


    • I took him outside this morning and he went potty right away. I was impressed. After we get to know each other better I will let him off his leash but right now he remains on the extended leash while inside. He played with his new toys this morning and then I put him back in his crate. He is resting


    • He is so adorable and seems potty trained to. He went to the door and went out and did his business. I gave him a treat. He played with his toys and now is in his crate. Aside from playful pup, he seems very social with me


  3. Oh my gosh he is Sooo cute.. I am so glad you got him! I love my doggie Coco! She is the love of our life..such a great companion .. The mouse thing is like me My husband said come out and look at this tree outside our condo There is such a cute mouse.. Not for me would scream!! Good to see you are doing good Heart to Heart Robyn


    • I don’t like mice or mouse, lol. This morning AJ was let out of the cage. I took him outside and he went potty immediately. He came in and played with his toys and then went to the door. I took him out and he went and did his business. I am impressed


  4. AJ is adorable, Terry. I’m partial to schnauzers. My last dog, Gizmo, was part rat terrier and part miniature schnauzer. He was so cute with his little goatee, and now, my daughter and her family have a schnauzer named Perry, so I got excited when I saw the picture of your little guy. I pray he brings you years of companionship and joy. The wonderful thing about dogs is that they are so loving and loyal to their owners. I know he will be the source of a lot of comfort for you.

    God bless you,


    • He seems smart. When I say no, he stops. He was trying to chew on his leash this morning. I told him no. A few minutes later he put it back in his mouth and then looked at me to see if I was going to say something. I started to open my mouth to say now and before I said anything he dropped it. LOL


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