The Day Has Ended

Well the day has ended

The hours passed

The minutes long

The shadows were cast


Took the dog for walks

Made potato salad

Watched silly TV

This day was valid


Tonight it was quiet

The darkness screamed

I called my son

Let’s have a fire and dream


He said alright

He came right down

Brought the two kids

And AJ ran around


The air was quiet

The moon was small

The wood smelled great

The sparks were tall


It broke the evening

Took away some pain

So thankful for family

So thankful for no rain.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



firepitmoon 3

What’s the Trick?

Just a photo of my AJ. We walked three times today. He tugged and I kept trying to teach to walk right beside me. Not much luck. Anyone have ideas how to get a dog to not tug on the leash, try to get in people’s yards? I felt like all I did was sound like a broken record and stop over and over. I didn’t get to use my camera I was so busy trying to get AJ to quit pulling on the leash and choking himself. I didn’t think of Al throughout our walks, but I did the rest of the day. Last year we had a big party outside with cake and ice-cream and cookout. Lots of gifts. Sure wish you were here brother.


Going Obsolete, DP, DP challenge

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

I went antique shopping with my friend yesterday. I had fun chatting about a couple of things I used to have but now they are obsolete.

Remember when we were teens and the phone rang. It was for us. No doubt it was a girlfriend or maybe a special boy…

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