Going Obsolete

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Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

I went antique shopping with my friend yesterday. I had fun chatting about a couple of things I used to have but now they are obsolete.

Remember when we were teens and the phone rang. It was for us. No doubt it was a girlfriend or maybe a special boy calling. There was one phone usually placed in a central location of the house.

Ours was placed on the wall in the kitchen. Mom would tell me I had a phone call. Excited I would jump up and take the phone. Listening to the voice on the other end I wanted privacy.

It wasn’t that I was going to say something that I would be ashamed of. It was called letting me have some privacy. Mom would tell me, ” You don’t need to be ashamed to talk on the phone where I am standing. You shouldn’t be afraid to say anything, so please remain where you are and don’t try stretching the phone cord.”

Well sometimes I wanted to gossip with my friends who called. Or there were times when I wanted to tell the love of my life that I would love him until the day I died. So I would try sneaking, softly towards the hall. Then if I got by with that, I would go into the bathroom and quietly shut the door. This could, if I was lucky, buy me a few minutes before mom yelled at me to get back out there.

I saw the phone at the antique store yesterday. I picked the ear piece up off of the cradle. I was amazed at how heavy it was. I used to hold that in my fingers? Really? Today, those phone don’t exist much. Light-weight, cordless, and cell phones have replaced the bulky, put your finger in the holes on the dial and turn systems we used to have.

I laugh now as I think back to those cords on the phones. Six or nine foot cords that would get so twisted from being stretched. Sometimes I would answer the phone and have to say, ” Hold on, I have to unwind the cord first.” Those were the days.

The other thing I am struggling to find is red chairs. I have a big oval red and chrome table from the fifties. I have two yellow chairs from that style but they swivel. I want the red chrome chairs that sit on four legs. The very sturdy ones with hard backs. I sometimes find them, but yesterday I did for one of the few times see a set of four of them, but wow, they were $160.00 for all four. This may not be a bad price for them, but for my purse, it screamed, ” No, you don’t have the money!”

old-fashioned-phone2Here is the table that I own. Now if I can just afford the chairs.

red table

10 thoughts on “Going Obsolete

  1. I miss the landline also.
    First we had the dial and then the push button.
    Then came the hooked up to the computer landline and now no landline.We have iPhones and love them, but i do miss the landline that never has to be charged.


    • I agree, always have to carry a charger around. Regular phones were not as expensive either as today’s gadgets. And the phone ringing, hearing a voice on the other end and being able to talk without having to watch minutes


  2. I want one of those big old fashioned phones for home, at least you always knew where it was and didn’t have to go searching for it every time someone else has used the phone.


    • I know exactly what you mean. You can still purchase them at second hand and antique stores, but whether they can be hooked up to properly work, I don’t know. I like the idea of glass and sturdy. Today everything is plastic and I hate taking that formed plastic off of electronics and bakery items!!


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