Happy Birthday to You

Today is my brother’s birthday. He would have been 59. My heart is not healed enough so thinking about this topic squeezes my chest. I look at AJ, my new dog, and I also say Happy Birthday to him.

I don’t know when AJ was born, but because he walked into my life to help fill a void of Al passing, I think I shall place AJ’s birthday on the same day as my brother.

So since it is fairly nice outside. No winter boots or heavy coat here in Indiana today, AJ and I shall celebrate this double birthday by going for a walk. I will let him see more of the area where we live.

I will take my camera and hopefully be able to get a shot in or two. AJ is doing fantastic on potty training but walking on a leash is not something he has become used to. I think he is pretty smart, and this is the reason why.

I offered him a treat for doing his business outside instead of inside the house. He jumped up on me. The next time I offered him a kibble, he jumped; so I waited and with held.

When he sat down I gave him the treat. From that time on he had it. Each time he gets a reward of goodies he immediately sits. He wants to be with me at all times and he gets upset if he can’t see me. Oh it isn’t because I am so beautiful. It is because he knows I am his mama.

He fights going into his crate so when it is time I now place a treat inside the cage. He goes in with a little nudge instead of the usual bulldozer push. When I shut the door I offer him one more treat and praise him for going in much easier. He has now learned that pretty well. Just another couple of times and we may have that habit licked of fighting going in.

Al, it is going to be sad in my mind and heart at times today, but AJ and I will do the best we can at celebrating your birthday. I love you buddy and miss you terribly. I so wish you were here. Last year at this time so many friends and bloggers signed your birthday page. Today, I can go to it since I was smart and saved it, and smile as I see all the well wishes.

Alvin when he was little

31 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to You

  1. It good to have a little furry friend to keep you company and give you warmth, Terry, and vice versa of course. Little AJ needed that too. Pawkisses to the both of you and big Hugs from Granny πŸ™‚


    • Good morning Granny. Pets are work but they are such good company. They are the only living thing that I can tell my secrets to without them spreading info. They love me and won’t turn their back on me or lie or many other things. Too bad some humans can’t learn from their pets


  2. Good job, Momma! Training a new pup is always fun and challenging. Depending on his age and previous training, or laxk thereof, will also influence your success. Now that he is into treat training, start mixing things up; give him a treat but then sometimes just act like there is a treat. He will then start doing (hopefully) what you want in anticipation but because he doesn’t know exactly when the treat is coming, he will continue to do tue right thing. And on the pulling while walking, there are humane anti-pull collars at pet stores if needed. Check around the ‘net for puppy training or rescue dog retraining tips too!


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