What’s the Trick?

Just a photo of my AJ. We walked three times today. He tugged and I kept trying to teach to walk right beside me. Not much luck. Anyone have ideas how to get a dog to not tug on the leash, try to get in people’s yards? I felt like all I did was sound like a broken record and stop over and over. I didn’t get to use my camera I was so busy trying to get AJ to quit pulling on the leash and choking himself. I didn’t think of Al throughout our walks, but I did the rest of the day. Last year we had a big party outside with cake and ice-cream and cookout. Lots of gifts. Sure wish you were here brother.


21 thoughts on “What’s the Trick?

    • I will stick with the firm and consistent rules, but I got him after AL passed. How are you doing Sheri? How is life at home? I think of you often. I am glad Al is not suffering but my heart hurts just as much as it did almost five weeks ago. Today would have been his birthday


      • Terry – Here I am finally answering your comment. I’m not sure how I get so far behind, I just do.
        The fact that you were having a hard day because it would have been Al’s birthday is no surprise. Anniversary dates still pull the rug out from under hundreds of thousands of us. I’ve finally decided that’s just the way it is and it’s not going to change.
        I wish I could take some of your pain and tuck it into a box and plant it under a rose or something like that but then I fear it would leave a bigger hole in your heart. I honestly believe we have to deal with the loss when it’s right there no matter how bad it hurts.
        I’m pulling for you and hope you are feeling a bit better.
        Hugs, Sheri


  1. I carry kibble or dog treats in my pocket and reward good behavior, like not tugging, with a treat and verbal praise, immediately. After he learns the proper behavior, withdraw the treat but keep up the verbal praise for a while. Training has always been successful with this routine.


    • First of all, I love I Love Lucy as your photo! Should I just keep to one word for the training? And of so, what word and which is the most important, him walking right beside me on one side or the tugging? I appreciate your help. I trained him to sit with only one time. He is now completely housebroken also. I used training treats, but for walking I feel confused. I stop, I repeat the words, stop, sit, quit. I want him to walk right beside me on one side, and not tug and venture into people’s yards.


      • Stick to one word because 2 or 3 commands is too much and confusing for your sweet puppy. I use “heel” but you can use whatever word you like. Also, make sure you always keep him on the same side of you. Pick your right or left side and stick to that side always until after he is fully trained. Tugging will be solved as he learns to walk right beside you and match your gait. And the fact that he’s tugging and wants to explore merely shows that he is clever enough to try to train you 😉


      • I have to keep telling myself I am the owner, not him. I don’t want to have to change my life drastically for him. I want us to adjust to each other. Thanks so much. I will use the word heal and I am already trying to teach him to stay on one side


  2. Most dogs pull less when wearing a harness. Also, I recently read that when a dog pulls ahead, you should stop and make the dog wait by your side for a few moments before continuing. When the dog pulls ahead again, stop and make the dog wait. Always use a one word command, and use that word consistently.


  3. AJ is adorable and I have no idea about how to walk a dog. Sorry I am a kitty person.
    Hugs and have a great week coming up.


  4. I say – use a harness. I like it better & the tugging doesn’t seem as harsh. If he starts to tug & you are walking – stop walking. As he stops tugging loosen leash & start walking again. I like rewarding with treats & saying good “AJ” for good behavior when training. It takes a while. But – as long as you are consistent – he will pick up on the commands & what you expect.
    Good luck! 😉


  5. I don’t know anythign abou tdogs, but I guess, consitency is the key like with children. Stick to your rules he will learn them. He needs to see how far he can go and learn. It is great to walk outside with him, also great for you going out and walk. Have a great Sunday !


  6. He is such a cutie Terry! I can see he is being spoiled and loved. 😀

    I agree with Rosy on the harness idea Terry. Collars around the neck when walking is not healthy for a dog as it can be very harmful. I worked for a vet and I saw the harm it can do. Dogs are like little kids. If you do something they don’t like, they won’t want to do it again. Please read this article : https://dogmantics.com/2013/07/17/is-it-harmful-to-attach-a-leash-to-your-dogs-neck-2/

    Simba walks with a harness and I am not doing the walking … he is. 😆 He is getting too old to walk for long distances and of course, when we do our walks, he has to catch up on all of the ‘tree-mail’, ‘stone-tweets’ and ‘bragbook-sniffs’. 😆

    Linda is a training expert and a lovely person and I know if you ask her, she will give you the best advice. 😀


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