Prom Night, 2014

Wow, what every girl dreams and waits for. No, not the wedding. Too young, too soon. But almost as good, prom. It is prom season. I hope for all ladies it is going to warm up instead of what we are having now.

Just to throw a bit of tidbit in here I will let you know that my furnace is kicking on today. It is in the fifties and pretty darn windy. I am not even taking AJ for a walk. Why? because I may blow away.

Back to prom. If you are lucky enough to get invited to prom, that is the biggest challenge. To say yes, is even better. Dresses, flowers, nails, make-up, shoes. It takes it all to make a young lady look fabulous right?

But what about the beautiful lady who gets invited and has to turn it down? Oh that is just terrible. So heart wrenching I think. The peak of a teen’s life. What a sad occasion this would be to not be able to go.

prom dressprom shoesprom corsageprom tuxedos

Oh mom and dad want you to go. They smile at you big when you tell them you have been invited, but they hang their heads in shame and mom has tears in her eyes, as she knows this can not happens.

She looks off in the other direction as she remembers back to her own youth and how wonderful and beautiful she felt in her new dress. A corsage on her wrist, and the handsome guy on her arm.

Dad was laid off and mom has health issues. This has really cut into the already tight budget. There is just no way they can afford a dress. Being the only girl out of three, there are no hand-me-downs to wear either.

The young lady loses her smile. She drops her head and walks over to her parents and gives them a big hug telling them, ” It’s ok you two. I know if things were different I would go.” Mom weeps and walks away. Dad just stands still  with his head low.

Does this sound familiar in today’s era? Does everyone get to go who is invited? Probably not. Money is tight. The economy is so out of whack. Where there should be two income families there may be one or maybe none.

But here in my local town there is a program called The Glass Slipper. Yes, right here in Warsaw, Indiana.  It is a place of business that beautiful, gently used prom dresses are donated for young ladies who can’t afford to purchase one. Sometimes famous movie stars donate their gowns.

There are all the accessories available too. Cash donations are given to  help the guys help to get their tuxedos. There are on the average of 90 gowns that are given away each year.

No one is questioned or any amount of pay back is ever required. This really makes me proud of my town I live in. There are a lot of programs offered today but the rules; sometimes makes you not even want to try. But this, this is fabulous. A way to enhance a teens evening and it gives free, beautiful memories for the rest of her life.

I hope that each girl or guy who is honored by an invite to the prom this year, gets to go. Have fun kids. Enjoy every minute, and treasure it for the rest of your life. Remember, no drinking and driving is allowed.

13 thoughts on “Prom Night, 2014

  1. My daughter has a prom this year, but I have told her she is not going. She has not been to school for weeks, so I can’t let her go. Plus the school won’t let her because her attendance is too low. She was looking forward to that from the beginning of the year.


  2. This is wonderful. Our local “His House” has a similar program, But what I like even better is that the young ladies, and gents, don’t have to go coupled. They can go in groups and enjoy themselves. Not like the days when being without a date meant ultimate rejection.


    • This is the way it should be. Too much pressure brings so many emotions to teens as they believe they have to keep up or be like everyone else to fit in. I don’t think that is a requirement here; that it is for couples only. It is only for the desire to go and look beautiful. Good things in life still happen. We just have to look a little farther and deeper to see them


    • Hey, I didn’t go to prom either. I was dating a guy who was a few years older than me and he had already graduated. My first prom year I never got invited. So woe was me and I survived, but I can still remember feeling hurt inside that I was missing out


  3. All of the girls in my daughter’s friendship group agreed to go together early on so no one would be left without a date. They also got not too expensive dresses. They met the boys group there and stuck by their single friends. I thought that was really nice.


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