AJ and Me

Today AJ went to the vet. He had a thorough examination and got all of his shots. When I went back to pick him up they said, ” He is such a cutie little guy.” I bet they say that to all the dog owners.

It has been a pretty calm day. I woke up to thunderstorms and lightning. The furnace ran most of the morning. It has just remained so chilly. Spring is lagging behind our wicked and long winter. The leaves are busting out on the trees so I hope the weather warms up soon.

From what the weatherman has stated it will be almost 80 this week towards the end with of course, rain. But will it slip down into colder temps again like it has? I am keeping my fingers crossed.

On the way home from the vet I stopped and took these photos. A sure sign of Spring with the white-bud trees. Some color coming on the Red Maples and my flowers sprouting.

tree 2flower budweeping willow

16 thoughts on “AJ and Me

  1. Nice photos. YAY for spring finally arriving! 🙂
    Yes – they probably do say that to all the pups – but – it’s probably true too. Dogs have such caring & loving spirits – that it shows in their eyes.


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