Sounds of Silence



Sounds of Silence

How can I get so attached

To someone I have only known

Only for a few days?

Is my heart so open

That who ever crosses

My path, who lingers

Becomes a part of my life

The sounds of silence

Echo softly in my ears

As you AJ are at the vet

Leaving room to ponder

On precious memories

Of you dear brother

And once again my

Heart squeezes more

Pain of missing you

I know you are home now

With family and friends

You are smiling

I tried so hard brother dear

To get that smile from you

I did my best, I swear I did

I miss and love you Al

And look forward to the

Time I pick AJ up from

The vet, to not be

Alone again

Listening to the

Sounds of silence.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


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