Who Had The Last Word?

I just had an experience that made me laugh out loud. I got AJ, my dog for company and to alert me to anyone around the house.

He has been here about a week now and today he provided me with what I wanted, an alert that someone was near.

He doesn’t bark much so to hear him bark nice and clear, I have to admit I was paying attention.


I was placing a chicken in the crock pot along with potatoes and carrots and one apple, cored and chunky. With some added spices the lid was placed and temperature turned down to low.

I washed my hands and wiped them. AJ was still continuing to bark. I peeked outside the kitchen window but saw nothing. I walked to the living room and looked in a different direction. I saw nothing.

Silly dog, tricks are for kids, I thought.

tricks are for kidsHe was still barking so I went to where he was. Standing at attention he was staring at the corner of my bedroom.

I was thinking, is that mouse still in here?

mouseI really didn’t see anything. I have a rocker in the corner and my box fan is sitting in it. I have to sleep with a fan on every night of the year or I don’t sleep much.

I kept asking AJ what he was looking for then I saw it. Behind my fan is a life-size baby doll that the care giver of my brother had gifted me. It spooked AJ and he thought it was real.

I am not sure if he was trying to alert me to protect me or if he was just plain, old scared. I got the baby doll down and he showed his fangs. He barked, then would jump back and lunge at the doll.

dollI started talking in a loving attitude to the doll and AJ was watching but still barking. I continued until AJ slowed his bark and started sniffing the dog.

I placed the doll back in its seat and AJ walked up to it and sniffed its feet. Feeling satisfied that there was no real danger, he barked at it one more time and then followed me out of the room. AJ made sure he had the last word on that topic.

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