A Day With AJ and the Doc

Today I had to go to the doctor unexpectedly. I have had this same infection times four now. I was told by my eye doctor that as I age the tear ducts in my eyes grow thicker. Along with my allergies in the Spring, I get an infection.

I was around the fire pit last Saturday evening and got too much smoke in my eyes. I washed my eyes with Baby Shampoo as instructed by the doctor, which I do daily throughout the Spring and Summer.

But along with the fire smoke I also helped the elderly neighbor by doing some work for him and the allergies kicked in from the budding trees. By ten last evening my one eye was swollen.

It doesn’t go away. It has to be treated. First thing this morning I called the doctor and got in at 11am. I got the same gel I always get. I put this in my eye and then I take an antibiotic for ten days.

I came home and took AJ outside to do his business and gave him some time to play and eat. Then I went back to the neighbors and cleaned his kitchen for him. This entailed all cabinets, stove and refrigerator. I was pooped by the time I finished. I get to go back tomorrow and start on the bathroom.

I came home and wanted to take a shower. Fromย  now on I will shut the bathroom door because AJ kept trying to jump in with me. Then I wanted to rest on the couch for a while. I opened the windows since it suddenly went to 81 degrees and turned the ceiling fan on.

Of course AJ had to be on the couch with me. But, he wouldn’t lay still. Twice without my permission he licked my lips. Then he pretended I was a flea and was nibbling my fingers. Then he was licking my toes. As you can see, I didn’t sleep. I closed my eyes, but after half an hour I got back up and fixed my supper.

I am tired. My eye is stinging a little and burning a tiny bit. I am not used to doing so much physical work I guess. Al was a different kind of work. I had an easy supper. Left-overs from last night. Chicken, potatoes and carrots with chocolate milk. AJ begged and I gave him two bites of chicken.

Supper being over I ran the dishwasher and then decided to take him for a walk. We didn’t make it far. For one the elderly gentleman was outside and AJ wanted to visit. Two, my feet were very tender from standing on them too long today. I need to rest, so I am calling it a night and laying my butt on my bed, of course with AJ right beside me, and I am going to watch the boob tube.

I took some photos on the way home from the pharmacy today. Do you want to see them? Good, I was hoping so. Here they are.

trees 3Spring treestreeSpring trees 2

29 thoughts on “A Day With AJ and the Doc

  1. Beautiful photos. Sounds like life is beginning to happen a bit for you and hugs your way.
    Sending good vibes for healing of your eyes.


  2. Gentle, dear lady. Take care of yourself and listen to what your bey is telling you. As a mechanical day is counted one second at a time, a human day is counted one step at a time.


      • I know.. a lot of people like to sleep with their dogs, but I don’t like to have fur in my nose at night. Preferring smaller dogs, they can get tangled in the sheets and will find that I am actually afraid to move at night to not squish them. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Just a big hug from one sister to another. I don’t have an AJ but Prince Tiger and Princess Callie cats do like to awaken at 5:30 AM and play air hockey with a bottle cap on the bathroom door just outside my bedroom! after 1/2 hr of zoom.. body slams and hissing… we can usually settle back for another 1 to 1 1/2 snooze time.

    Your feet will adjust I promise. HUG!


    • I think AJ and I make an interesting pair!! My eye is a bit better. I just have too many issues when everything is budding and blooming. Once summer is here I will be fine til it rains in the fall. Hugs my friend. I have the photo that you sent me of the beautiful yellow rose, hanging in Al’s bathroom as a tribute to him


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