My Ass Crack is Covered and My Hair is Combed

What do you expect out of your children? I mean when they are small, and they are growing in curiosity, getting into things. Do you have a vision of who they may become or what you expect when they are grown?

I happened to be a passenger and was left in the truck  to wait for an errand to be run. Oh, I didn’t mind. I am a huge people watcher. It was busy where I was so I had a great opportunity to see many men, or I should say males.

I saw many types. There were dark-skinned ones. Thin and a little hefty. I saw Caucasian and Spanish. I saw young adults and children too. I saw the one type that I am drawn to.

The normal height, a little meat on his bones. He didn’t have his jeans stuck up his butt crack, but they did fit mighty fine. I bet if I had been able to feel his hands I would have felt a roughness; a visible sign he works with his hands. A walk that showed confidence.

He wasn’t afraid to speak. He was with a guy who looked like they both worked for the same company. Both cut-up with laughter and I saw big smiles.

I saw some other guys who were workers with baggy pants on. Long hair, sorry I am not into long hair unless you are an Indian. His hair was long and curly or maybe the word was messy. Sort of looked like he just crawled out of bed and forgot to comb his hair.

Then there were two business looking guys. My mind told me one of them was a rep or sales guy because he was in a complete business suit. The other gentleman was in dockers and nice comfy golf type shirt. I couldn’t quite make out what his representation was.

Then some kids came by me. A couple of guys with girls. The guys had the jeans down below their ass cracks. Messy locks and chained wallets with tennis shoes. When my son came back to where I was he told me about a woman, mother, who had what seemed to be a four-year old who was in the same type of jeans that teens wear.

His also were down to his crack. They were so low he actually fell over himself. He tried getting up but struggled and the mother yanked on his arm pulling him straight up. He had a billed hat on but turned on side ways like some of the gangs wear. I thought to myself, a four-year old? What is this teaching him for his future.

Clothes really don’t make it or break it on who you really are, but they do put off a vibe where others can be allowed to let the imagination run. I think a four-year old is way too young to look like this, but then again, this is my opinion only. Maybe I am just an old fuddie duddie.

I couldn’t say much about females in this post. There weren’t enough to make a comment on this day. It takes all kinds of looks, attitudes, upbringing to make the world go round. I know for me, if I brought someone to meet my parents in unkempt hair and jeans down to his knees my mother would have slammed the door in his face and telling me to get to my room.

So this is what I saw in one visit to a parking lot. The world  has changed I guess. There are statements to be made. I am proud that my parents had rules and guidelines. I may not know exactly what goes together, as my daughter says, but my ass crack is covered and my hair is  combed.


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Teresa, What Does it Say to You?

Teresa, What Does it Say to You?

I have actually been crabby because I couldn’t blog, or I should say I told myself no, don’t do it. Leave them alone for just a bit, but alas, I failed in that area. I need to blog. I love writing. I love my friends.

I have had several comments that helped me decide not to entirely give up my blogging. I will try harder to not post so much about Al though.

Some of my comments were:

Kath Jean…

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