No Apologies

What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

hellohershey 2hershey 3hersheyI am a diabetic. I have been for over 30 years. Do you have any idea what it is like to be told, NO, DON’T EAT SWEETS, NO, NO, NO!

Well I do and I can tell you first hand it isn’t any fun hearing it today all these years later. Holidays and celebrations are the worst. How many people bring healthy salads and fish to gatherings? Some, but not many. Having fun and eating go together and eating foods that aren’t healthy are usually a part of this.

I have fought this in many ways. I tried not buying sweets period at the grocery store so I won’t be tempted. I have went the sugar-free types, but they are usually so much sweeter, I just want more. Also you take the risk of cancers from sugar substitutes.

Finally I gave in. I buy those ten packs of Hershey bars, the little ones? For three of them it is under my carb and sugar limit. So I am much better during the day hours knowing at bedtime I get this snack.

Mouth watering melting chocolate in my mouth. All mine, no sharing, no interruptions. I can see how long I can keep the chocolate in my mouth before having to swallow. I can hold it in my mouth and pretend I am on a sandy beach with a gentle breeze blowing through my hair. I can imagine being on an awesome date and looking into his eyes.

All this just from putting one piece of chocolate in my mouth? You bet, there isn’t anything better than chocolate as a treat. Now as far as the holidays goes? I do sample desserts by placing one bite size on my plate. I didn’t go without, right? I didn’t feel deprived and it was a one time deal.

14 thoughts on “No Apologies

  1. They say the first bite is always the best. So you have all the best bites! You have come up with a very good solution.


  2. Diabetic candy gives me and hubby the runs and he is an insulin dependent diabetic.
    We buy ice cream from time to time and he loves it.
    I will not give up my one cup of coffee a day or my diet coke.
    I am clean, sober and have been nicotine free for over 14 years.(thanks to God and 12 step programs I am active in)
    I am not giving up my caffeine.
    Have a wonderful day and hugs your way.


      • Ty and i gave them up because I had too. Hubby had his first heart attack and could not come home unless we both quit smoking and it was hard.
        I do not go back because I am not sure I could quit again.


  3. Chocolate has this comfort food thing and it so works. I usually have a chocolate bar or 2 in my drawer in my desk at work, because some days are so hard you need some chocolate at the end. And it works wonders…. and other days I have no problem to resist it…. strange ..
    Yipppee your book arrived today just when I got home form work, thank you for your comment inside. I will enjoy the book and it makes me a real proud owner of your book.
    Thanks so much Terry!


  4. I couldn’t agree more about Hershey’s chocolates – nothing finer. The last thing my mother ate on her own was Hershey’s milk chocolate…I’m guessing it might be mine, too!! 🙂


  5. Hubby is type I diabetic. And – my mom is type II. We always make sure to have sugar-free treats & a dessert for them at our gatherings. There is a lot of sf candy out there too now. You just have to limit yourself so that you don’t get the runs. Or- make sure you are home when you indulge. LOL


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