2 Birthdays Today

Today is my daughter’s birthday.100_0326-1 I won’t tell her age, she might slap me! LOL.

I sent  her gift through the mail since she lives out of my state and also wished her a Happy Birthday over the phone.

Today is also my grandson’s birthday.oct 13 6 I can say his age. He is a big 5!

After their dinner the family came down and he opened his gifts and then had some family fun outside. Here are his photos.

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Community Dinner in Warsaw, Indiana

Community Dinner in Warsaw, Indiana

Tonight I went to the Center Lake Pavilion to a Community Dinner. It was very nice. The theme for the meal was from the Golden Coral.

There was a nice crowd present. Adults and children. Although it was raining and chilly, the laughter and chatter coming from within didn’t spoil the evening.

The meal consisted of Pulled Pork on buns, along with green beans with ham, a wonderful dinner roll with…

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I Want You

I Want You

As I lay in bed at night

Holding my pillow so tight

I think of you baby

And I think maybe

You could be the one

The one and only song

You could make me feel

Like this love is real

I can see you in my bed

Thoughts spinning in my head

I wish I could feel your heat

As I listen to the heart beat

We could never be departed

But then you went and farted

Poof that dream is gone

That didn’t…

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