Worldly Encounters

The friendly, English-speaking extraterrestrial you run into outside your house is asking you to recommend the one book, movie, or song that explains what humans are all about. What do you pick?

I have one book that I don’t even loan out to my best friend. It is a small book with a big message. It is called Black Like Me.

black like meWhen the earth was formed and Adam and Eve were created, God knew that he made us equal in every way except our color.

Why God did this I really don’t know. I have always wondered if it were for different parts of the earth. Maybe the heat or cold, the toughness of the skin that is needed to live in the different areas. If you know the reason of this, feel free to let me know.

I believe that we are all God’s creatures. We were each born with a brain, heart, bones and skin; and yet we have acted different from each other for centuries.

Did it start with Kings in the Bible? Did money change who we think we are or maybe some of us have more confidence than others. Does the big 5000 sq. ft. house make a person better than my 1500 sq. ft. house? Not really.

Jobs may have a large impact on how we look at ourselves, but again, are they more important being President of the country over someone like me who tries to survive in my little home-town?

What about the billions of dollars that are made by people who refuse to wear or carry nothing but a name-brand label? Does this mean I don’t look good in my Goodwill, second-hand clothes?

I am seeing that maybe there is a pattern here. A train of thought. We allow ourselves to let prejudice and fat attitudes to dictate who we are. Not all of us think this way, so don’t take this personally or begin to think I am picking on anyone.

In the book Black Like Me, it is written in the Civil War times. At this time racism is huge. Blacks and whites. The color of the skin rules what is obtained in life. This man is white and he goes to a doctor who tints his skin until he can pass for colored or black.

He then goes back into his community where he has lived for years. He writes about how changes took place when he entered businesses and tried to live his routine life.

Are we as a world able to snub, be rude or down-right mean to the color of the skin? It is sad, that we did in that era. Even today in 2014, it is better, but still prejudice runs wicked.

I am guilty of it too. My reasons are not of my own but instilled in me by family. I am trying hard to be aware of my thoughts and remember that I am an adult. I am able and capable of clinging to others thoughts or standing on my own two feet and making my own choices.

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are slowly being dripped with information. We can be compared to a drip coffee maker. Watch the water come slowly through the tiny holes. The pot is empty and before you know it is full of black coffee. We can filter out our own minds, make the pot empty and fill it up with what ever flavor of life we choose.

5 thoughts on “Worldly Encounters

  1. Here’s an interesting piece of Bible trivia, Terry: It would seem that the word “Adam” is from the Hebrew “adama,” which means “earth.” Created from the earth. There is also a line of word history that indicates “Adam” means “red,” as in red clay from the earth. We know from DNA studies that so-called “red” pigmentation of the skin contains the genes for every other skin color, which bears out the idea that we all came from one pair of parents, and in that sense we are all brothers. Of course, it’s all much more complicated than that, but I thought you may be interested.


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