Al His Life and MSA Chapter 20

The clouds hung lower and tension began to build in our home. I was busy trying to work with the attorney for the estate. Al was home all the time and seemed to spend a lot of time in his room.

I tried very hard to take him out every day. The seizure after-effects didn’t last long. He was able to still do many things, but for Al, he thought his life was about over.

Our parents were gone. Our sister turned a corner and began to drift out of our lives. I had my three kids but something was missing. Joy, is what I call it. For Al, it was a reason to continue on with each day.

There were three families that lived in separate houses on one property.  An Aunt and Uncle had moved out of Indiana to Florida. Our wonderful Grandma had moved to Florida also. She was getting older and without my dad near by, she needed more help than what any of us young ones could give her; so she moved in with her daughter.

We began to hear more from our Aunt in Florida. Her family had moved there from Indiana when one of their children had Cystic Fibrosis. They had been relocated about 25 years it seemed like to me.

When our Grandma was still living up here Mary would come here and  help begin the process of transferring her personal items and her to her home. I got the chance to talk and spend some time with her.

Once they were moved our house seemed rather lonely. We drifted from one day to the next. I worked my weekends. Al ended up not being able to go to auctions on Saturdays since I was gone and he couldn’t drive.

I started taking him to local auctions that were on Mondays. This seemed to help but I still felt sad for him. He had nothing to do on the weekends so stayed in his room more and more.

Our Aunt began calling. It soon became an every day occurence. She would call to check on Al and me and that felt good to know someone out there cared. Soon without even realizing it, the conversations turned to moving to Florida.

I couldn’t think of that. My children were here, close to me. How could I move so many miles a way from them? But as each day continued and people started drifting back to their normal lives from our dad’s funeral, the thought of warm weather and a chance at a new life sounded interesting.

Mary and I began searching for properties. Something that was easy maintenance. Al couldn’t mow and my Diabetic neuropathy stopped me from several things. She mentioned a condo type  living.

I chewed it over and I began to ask Al how he would feel about selling the homestead and making a fresh start. I was amazed at how eager he was to go. He told me, ” Living here has bad memories of Dad. I want to move out of here.”

We discussed selling the home and moving into a different one in our own home town, but it was winter and that brings snow and cold and the sound of warmth hit the spot. We both came to a decision, and that was to move.

I listed the house. It bothered me a great deal. Not so much the house itself. It didn’t hold that many memories for me. I had never resided there and it was on five acres so I had to pay to have someone mow the property.

The house itself was very nice and the setting was beautiful, but still; it was missing something called family.

My daughter informed me not long that she and her husband would be moving out-of-state for a new job. I was devastated. She and I were so close. We hung out at each others homes all the time. How was I going to survive without her? I couldn’t wait for the house to sell.

I had the sadness of leaving life and memories behind. I had the feelings of Al and how he felt about this home. I knew my daughter was leaving, and the biggest tug at my heart was; what would my dad say if he knew I was selling his home.

I had to keep in mind that dad was in heaven. I had to make choices according to how I was living at the present. So I just prayed daily. If we were making the right choice to move to Florida and not remain here, God would allow the house to sell.

God did do exactly this. The house was sold within one week. I was amazed. Look at how God had let this happen and so quick. I kept Al informed of everything that was going on. He and I spent more time looking at homes online and searching out things for him to do in the new city.

We looked at shorts and clothing suitable for warmer weather. Our time became consumed with moving. With the help of our Aunt, a condo was located and we purchased it.

It was such a smooth transaction I just knew God had been the one in charge the entire time. Al and I began to make a list of things that needed to be done. So many things, such as boxes obtained, bank accounts transferred, the estate was closed and finalized.

On a warm, sunny day everything was loaded up and we said good-bye to our familiar territory.

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