I Have an Itch

I have had what my family has called The Itch.

This means I am restless. Yes, AJ keeps me company, and speaking of my dog, he was overly excited to see me this morning. Remember I told you he was going into the vet for the male snip? I hoped when I picked him up he wasn’t showing me his fangs for allowing this to happen. No, he was jumping up and down, and heading for the door, letting me know he wanted to go home.

No, I am still restless. I have cared for Al for seven years, and although we moved to Florida for a time, there were still responsibilities. Now, in between jobs I would love to do something for a couple of days.

I don’t have anyone to do fun things like this with. The first and only person I asked if she had some free time was my daughter, but I already knew the answer, and I was right, she said no.

I don’t even know what I would want to do, but I dream and to me, I dream big. Staying for a few days in a cabin, surrounded by peace and quiet.log cabin Or maybe a first-class motel where I am the star for the day.waldorf

I don’t have much money, so I can’t think of long-term, such as a week or two, but I can dream big for a few days.

I wish I could get my friends from FB and here at blog world all together for a one day of fabulous eating and chatting. That would be ultra-magnificent in my eyes.

I don’t enjoy back rubs but a day of pampering in a small, unique spa would interest me.day-spa

Even a day close to home with spending the night in a near-by motel, shopping and laughing with someone sounds fun and exciting to me.

I don’t know, maybe this itch will go away, maybe it won’t. One of these days I will be back at work again. I just hope and dream someone comes along and relieves my itch.


13 thoughts on “I Have an Itch

  1. If you could come down here…it would be great!…
    I do have vacation with family June 8th- 13th…and then jury duty…on the June 16th…but, anytime this summer would be fine!…I could let you know my days off…I usually have a long weekend every week…


  2. I di da Spa weekend once as I was so stressed and it worked wnonders. Something for yoursel, just for yourself… go and do it Terry, don’t let the itch go away. go to a hotel for a day and enjoy being important you and being served upon. And you meet people too! You are worht it and deserve it! I wished I was there I would wisk you away!


  3. Start simple & be a tourist in your own town. You’ll be amazed at what you will find! 🙂
    And – as Ute suggested – maybe find a local spa place for a weekend getaway – just you & inner peace. 🙂


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