So This Was Sunday

It started out I was going to help an elderly man clean his new mobile home. Not that the mobile home is new, but new to him. He is unable to get around well enough so I said yes.

It went from there to cleaning most of the rooms he would use. Next he wanted me to help sell his house for him.trailer 3 Then it advanced to me selling some of his personal items inside his house, which I did tonight, by listing them on FB.

I was rather busy today. Doing a lot and yet nothing it seemed. AJ wanted to go outside a zillion times today. I will always take him out to potty and he gets to go for his walks, but he wants to go out and just play and I don’t do that. I have too much to do.

AJ double shotWhile we were out for the last walk of the evening we saw a disabled guy using his home-made go-cart.go cart I wish I could do what I did today. A little of this and a little of that. It was fun and I am helping someone and taking my photo shots, but darn, it brings me no money to pay the bills.

The Woman In The Reflection

The Woman In The Reflection

me may 2014I went to watch a band sing tonight with some friends. I was trying real hard to have fun and at times I was. I had been struggling a little today. My best friend’s dog was laid to rest and I was able to talk to  her a few minutes.

Hearing her cry and recognizing my own emotions from Al started a little bit of that emotional roller coaster ride which always goes down and never back up until  it…

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