Calling All Dog Lovers Part 2

I am pretty upset and am feeling attacked. I don’t know how else to feel at this moment. First of all, I  have never hit my dog with the fly swatter or my hand or anything. I used the fly swatter to swat the top of the metal cage to show him not to bark at bedtime.

It worked and he never barks when he goes in his cage anymore. In fact, I point to the cage now and he walks in by himself at nights. Now day time is different. He knows I am leaving so he doesn’t want to go in the cage by himself. I have to pick him up and put him in there myself and then I give him a treat.

I love my dog and spend a lot of time. I didn’t get him and then toss him aside and pretend he isn’t here. We take several walks a day. I am training him to walk on the leash. He knows how to sit for a treat.

But he is going to make me fall again.  He gets too close to my feet and I can’t walk without taking baby steps. I just happened to pick up the fly swatter that was laying on the floor. In fact, AJ was trying to play with it, so I don’t think he is scared of it. When I picked it up, he backed up because I had it in my hand. I was able to walk down the hall way without him under my feet.

It is important that he not get under me or too close so I don’t fall. Not only would I be hurt, he may too.

I wanted to write again one more time because I will honestly say my feelings are hurt. I love my dog. He was a lost dog, that I took in and loved from the beginning. All I wanted was some help on training, not made to feel like I was some dog basher and hater.

How could I have possibly taken care of my sick father for a year and then turned around and took care of my brother who died a horrible death and suffered for seven years and then be accused of not having patience or not being able to handle a dog. I don’t understand.


15 thoughts on “Calling All Dog Lovers Part 2

  1. I hope my comment wasn’t at fault here… I did mention patience, but as a person who has had both breeder dogs and rescue dogs, I have found that rescues sometimes take more patience than breeders, particularly when it comes to separation anxiety. Not always, but sometimes because of how they have been treated…


    • that is not the case with my dog. He loves me and wants to be with me every second, everywhere I go, he wants to go. He is a quick learner. He learned to sit with only one try. I just wanted some tips on how to train him not to walk under my feet. It wasn’t you though


      • Okay because I certainly did not want to offend…it could simply be a matter of him feeling safe with you. Whether or not he was a rescue or came from a great home, yours is a new environment and regardless of his smarts, he has to get comfortable. It’s all still very new and you are doing great!


  2. Sweet, sweet Terry. So sorry your post got misunderstood. We have had a number of dogs and never did any special training. Just lots of love. Concentrate on rewarding and praising AJ for all the positive things he does. Need to take them out and get them worn out and then sit and pet them and love them at home. I know you take AJ for walks, do you have any fenced area (dog park or neighbor’s fenced yard) where you could take him and let him just run and burn off some of his puppy energy. Most likely he is trying to please you and just does not know the difficulty he is causing you. We always used the kennel box with our dogs too. They actually like the protection of it and used to just be able to tell them “baby go nite nite” and they would get in. Dogs will also pick up on your frame of mind and activity. If you are laid back and relaxed they will tend to be that way too. If you and nervous and jumpy, they will tend to be that way also. Hope you two can settle into a comfort level as I know what a blessing the company of a dog can be. Time to relax and enjoy each other. Hugs to you both.


    • Thanks so much Linda for a wonderful comment. I wanted to train him in his crate for some time but then thought maybe I was putting him in a confinement place. At nights he walks in his crate by himself. During the day he fights it as he wants to be with me and he is nosy. LOL. I don’t have a place to just let him run, although he races through the house back and forth as we play fetch with his toys. I can’t believe that my post got so out of hand by just wanting a few tips. The worst though was that my friends talked so negatively about me. Thank you for not doing this. I love AJ or I would not have got him


  3. When my ex husband was training his dog, he used what is called a ‘lead’, a shortened leash that is always on the dogs collar. Until AJ knows what is appropriate behavior, the lead can be used to guide him. It takes work but you use the lead to lead him into the right behavior. This way you don’t have to clap your hands or use whatever means to get his attention. I like the idea of having several beds throughout the home so he knows his ‘place’. This is also a great trick, by associating the word ‘place’ he would go to his bed and stay. This way he isn’t in his kennel 24/7 as you work around the home. I love Caesar Millan’s teachings. I’ve checked out books from the library. There is one that he talks about different breeds. I couldn’t understand why my coon hound didn’t like to run but had more energy than a Jack Russel! Coon hounds can only run in short bursts not really miles like I wanted her to. It really changed my outlook towards her as her owner when I understood her breed limitations/ characteristics. Finally, thick skin Terry. Writing daily and sharing your frustrations to virtual strangers opens up the door to judgements fast. You have to keep in mind we really don’t know you, like a face to face friend. To me the fly swatter seemed unusual to get AJ’s attention and it brought up the thought of how corporal punishment was used to threaten when I was a child. Today it is rare to hear anyone use utensils, whips from a tree or a fly swatter to punish or threaten. Most people today would react strongly against it, even though you and I were taught it was normal behavior back in the day. So see it from that perspective, not necessarily as an attack on your overall character, just a gap in understanding yourself and another. Hugs to you!


    • I should have said I used the fly swatter one time only. It was not used over and over. AJ is smart, he got the crack of the fly swatter on the metal immediately. It reminded me of the click of the clicker used to train dogs. I appreciate all that you said. I am who I am in my writing as I am in person. I don’t represent any less or more. I love my dog and was asking for tips in training. I didn’t expect my friends to lash out at me like I was mean and nasty


    • I was so upset last night but by this morning I knew that if my friends know the real me, they know without a doubt I would never represent what they were saying. Thanks Brian, I have my joy back!!! big hugs


  4. DOGS AND KIDS NEED DISCIPLINE, WE DO IT WITH LOVE but sometimes people see it as abuse. Don’t let one or two rude comments spoil the the effort, love and training that you are doing with and FOR AJ’s benefit.


    • Thanks Nena. That is what I was trying to do. I had to teach and correct my kids but I never beat them. I don’t beat or hit AJ either but he does need to be trained. I don’t want to wait until he is full grown and then try to break his bad habits


  5. I noticed some of the comments & clearly lots of misunderstandings.
    I can say from your previous posts & all that you’ve shared – I didn’t even give the thought of abuse to AJ a half a second.
    Figure out – what you need to work on – make a list & prioritize it. Start with what you want to train him on first & go from there. Not too many commands at once – don’t wanna confuse or overwhelm him. Basic commands are great. And – don’t forget a release word – or he could be stuck in one position for life – LOL


    • Oh yeah, a release word. I need to think of that. How about come! Or the word release! Thanks for reminding me. I guess the first thing is to let me walk without fear


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