Unexpected Guests


You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

I walk into my home and there is a pair of strangers sitting at my kitchen table. They are eating the cake I was planning on having for my dessert tonight.

My eyes widen and my voice heightens. ” Who are you and why are you sitting in my house eating my cake? I am going to call the cops right now. Don’t you go anywhere. Just sit right where you are.”

The two sit there looking at me as I start to panic and reach for the phone. They look at each other and shrug their shoulders and go back to taking another bite of my delicious hand-made cake.

I replace the phone in its cradle and look at these two nuts. Evidently they are not dangerous. They are just plain idiots. What the heck is going on here? Why aren’t they afraid of me standing here?

I start to walk over and as soon as I am standing at the table’s edge, I begin questioning them. ” I asked you who you are and how did you get in?” The two look at her again but say nothing.

I pull up a chair, obviously I have nothing to be afraid of. I start spitting bullets, trying to let them know they need to remove themselves from my home. I watch their faces for indications they are going to leave, but nothing.

The man starts raising his hands and I jump up from my seat. I turn, knocking over my chair, but head to my knife drawer to pull out the most dangerous looking one. Looking back to make sure I am not being followed I see both the man and the woman making finger gestures at each other. Their hands were working quicker than a man drawing out his pistol.

I stop and suddenly remember a conversation I had not too long ago with a friend of a friend I had met. Her parents were deaf. These people must be deaf also. They aren’t hearing a single word I am saying.

I walk out of the kitchen and go back to my bedroom. Closing the door I pick up the phone and call the police. Not to turn these two in; but to see if there is any information on them.

I hear someone on the other end say ” Hello, Sergeant Carter here, how can I help you?”

” This is Sue Brown and I just came home from running some errands. When I walked in my front door there was a man and a woman sitting at my kitchen table. They are eating a cake I made. I think they are deaf. I am pretty sure that they are using sign language with each other. Do you know anything about these two? They don’t seem to be dangerous.”

” Oh Sue, I am so glad you have called. We have been looking for Bob and Mary. They live at the Lake Facility here in town. They are deaf. They went for their usual walk this morning around the facility, but somehow they managed to unlock the gate and they took off for a longer walk. I bet they are  hungry and felt free to walk in your house and get something to eat. Don’t you keep your doors locked?”

” Yes, I usually do, but I was only going to be gone about half an hour so didn’t bother locking up today.”

” Well half an hour or hours, you should always keep your home safe from predators Sue. I will send an officer over to pick them up. Did they do any damage to your place?”

” No, they just ate my cake, but I will make a new one. It will give me something to do while I kick myself in the ass for being so stupid and presuming I know the future of my day. Thank-you officer. I will sit with them until your officer arrives.”

I lay the phone down and walk back to the kitchen with a calm attitude. I pick my chair up off the floor and sit down in it and smile at them.


10 thoughts on “Unexpected Guests

    • Thanks Sheila. except for the dog getting under my feet and the internet and phone going out for no reason and then me messing with it all and after giving up it finally comes on and talking to the phone company and trying to get some tips on how to help my dog not walk under my feet and then getting bad remarks from some, yeah, this has been a fair day and surely tomorrow will be better!! LOL, hugs


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