Give up Groceries?

Which should I give up, food or food? How about meat? Milk has come down a little bit here. Just a hair over $3.00 a gallon. Maybe I should eat all canned and no more fresh vegetables. Veggies used to be a great deal in the summer time. Here, they are almost as expensive in the summer as winter.

I went to the store to get lemons and strawberries. Of course my eagle eye looks for bargains too. I saw a package of ground chicken for less than $2.00 on sale so I snapped that up.

I use ground chicken instead of ground hamburger, better on the heart. I hardly ever eat red meat, but I wanted an olive burger really bad for supper and since I was out anyways, I was going to  have it. I saw some split chicken breast for under $3.00, so I grabbed that also.

To get four hamburger patties it was $5.69. To get the cheapest package of more grease than meat, it was $3.99. I chose that. I will squeeze that grease out even if I have to use my jaws of life.

I want a  hamburger. There was a restaurant here at one time that was cheap in price. A drive-in type, called Hot n Now. They made Olive burgers. A hamburger, lettuce, mao, and olives. I always liked them, especially since I don’t eat salt. I must crave salt at times so I would get one.

Of course that restaurant is no longer here so I make my own about twice a year as a treat. A small jar of olives cost $1.99. The lemons were over $3.00 and the strawberries were $2.50.

I bought a gallon jar to make my tea in. So I had that expense of $4.99. The tea bags were a little over $2.00. I make it overnight in the fridge and added the lemons and strawberries to it. Can’t wait until tomorrow to suck that down.

So I guess I didn’t have to have the olive burger. I didn’t need to make the special tea. I usually have salads with tuna or canned chicken added. You would think I would be as skinny as a rail, but nope, I am not. I have eggs for breakfast. I eat turkey bacon, lite bread. I have two small chocolate bars every night for my sweet treat.

It just feels that I should give up eating so I can have gas to get to work or go anywhere. Give up eating so I can pay my bills. I don’t go to the grocery store as often since Al is gone but it still seems as expensive or almost.

I spent a little over $30.00 at this visit. At the going rate for what I make per hour, that took me three hours of work to pay that off. Wow, things are really getting out of hand. I would garden, but no space to do it. I would give up eating, but I want to live.


16 thoughts on “Give up Groceries?

  1. Hello my friend.. due to income would you qualify for food stamps till you can be working again? also are there any local food banks? I do both right now.. humbling as it is. I do a lot of volunteer work while I am job hunting so I feel it averages out. God bless you my Sister.


    • I am working but not allowed many hours due to receiving SSDI. The pay sucks but at least I am working. I have applied for another job so we shall see. You have to have super poor here to get food stamps and I don’t qualify. I have gone to a food bank before but being a diabetic what they offer me is snack type foods I can not have


      • It’s terrible how you have to be po & not just poor to receive decent financial help/aid. And – if you work an hour more – then you don’t need financial help. Who comes up with this measure. Obviously someone who has never done without…


  2. I wish you lived out here. I could show you all the places we shop for really good prices. My husband has pretty much taken over the brocery shopping for me, and he’s really good at finding the bargains. Maybe you should apply for some help until you can find a job again.


  3. You are funny but unfortunately it’s so true! my husband is also a bargain shopper because I just want to get in and out. I could not believe the prices for meat. Unreal and I will not pay what they are asking. I am like you. I try to watch my portions somewhat but the scale still tips over in it’s favor, not mine.. I think I could live without beef, but burgers are good every so often..


  4. I feel your pain. Things are the same here for us too – groceries are too expensive to eat “healthily” and more often than not meals are just bulk rather than nutrition. The latest government guidelines are that we should eat 7 (yes, SEVEN) portions of fruit and vegetables EVERYDAY. At the price of fresh food is, we’re lucky if we can get even a couple of portions each day, and even then it’s from tins or frozen. I tend to eat toast for breakfast, maybe another slice of toast for my lunch and then a small meal for dinner with my husband and my son. There are no snacks in the house (can’t justify the expense!) and you’d think I too would be like a rake but no, I’m as big as I was when we could afford to eat properly. I think my body is operating in starvation mode and is hanging on to every bit of fat I’ve got because it knows it’s not getting enough! Deep joy….

    On a positive note, your olive burger sounds delish! 🙂


    • I never thought of that, but I bet you are right. Starvation mode keeps us heavy. I know when I have the opportunity to eat better meals, I lose weight, but I eat like you do. The olive burgers are so good!


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