Is This Your Son, Memorial Day

Is This Your Son


There was a child

Who grew in height

He became a man

Who wanted to fight

To keep us safe

And speak for us

I cried as I watched

Him get on that bus

The days ticked by

Life seemed to stand still

I know my soldier

Is fighting over that hill

As a mama I must say

How proud I am

Of who he is

And how it began

I am standing here

Touching the photo frame

Tears touching glass

No I hold no shame

For this is my son

He is my only one

I give thanks today

For Memorial Day.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



14 thoughts on “Is This Your Son, Memorial Day

  1. We must honor the Soldier. I hope your son is safe and sound. To know and to hold on to freedom. We need our Soldiers to stand tall and strong for us. Thank you for sharing the powerful poem and thoughts.


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