Break The Silence

When was the last time you really wanted (or needed) to say something, but kept quiet? Write a post about what you should’ve said.

I went to work. I was given a list by the client of what groceries to buy at the store for her. It happened to be on a day where my shift was down by one hour. I smiled at her but winced inside as I thought of the pain my elbow was going to go through.

From cleaning and putting so much physical effort into the elderly, neighbor’s home I had what I thought was some arthritis in it. I knew better to refuse as this was a client that was high on the list of lightly mentally challenged.

I went to the store and I picked up her items along with 10 cases of pop or soda. Even using both hands my elbow ached more as I lifted each one. I could barely push the grocery cart as it was too loaded with weight. I hated to admit it could have been partly me also just being a little weaker in my years.

Fortunately for me the staff did the lifting for entering the price of each. I asked for help to take out and place the groceries in my car. Going back to her place, she was sitting on her couch listening to music.

Without going into details, because of being job related I will say that this client is pretty heavy which has caused walking to be a burden. She has a long ramp, so I carried two cartons at a time.

My elbow ached so bad, it was burning by the time I got the last carton and sack in. When I put all away she wanted two different meals prepared and placed in containers for the week.

I was hurting and I was sweating so bad, sweat was running down my eye lids. She has no air conditioner and the temperature inside the trailer was 87 degrees. I was racing through  instructions and cooking when my cell phone rang.

I don’t usually answer my cell when I am on the clock, but seeing who it was, I knew I had to take it. I was talking for no more than five minutes and twice the client yelled at me. ” I want a glass of orange juice.” I motioned with my hand that I had heard and would help in just a moment. She didn’t like this and yelled louder the same thing.

I got the information I needed from my caller and ended the call. I turned to my client and explained, ” I really needed to take this call. It was very important.”

” I don’t care who you were talking to. You work for me.” Inside I started crying. I dare not let her see the physical tears. My arm was throbbing, the sweat was pouring and I was still racing to get done before the shift ended.

I wanted to tell her off but I kept quiet, this was my job. Maybe I need to get out of health care period or for a long time. My brother could sometimes be very demanding, but I loved him, and so tolerated it.

This client was just plain rude. She was using her negative power of control and she was acting like a big, spoiled brat. I got everything done but couldn’t load the dishwasher.

It had just been run and it was in the drying cycle. I explained to her that I would soak all in one sink and that the next day I would reload the dishwasher. I told her it was time for me to leave and I did.

Throughout the rest of the day my elbow continued to swell and get worse. Yesterday, I went to see a friend who is a massage therapist. She examined my arm and did some massage to it. She explained I had several trigger points to the tendons in that elbow.

It hurt while she did the procedure but after a while it did feel better. Today the pain is back. I called my boss and explained I would not be in for the next shift and why. I guess I assumed that the boss in turn would find a replacement, but he said he would call the client and say no one would be there for those hours.

I can understand why. The boss’s wife did the hours I was now taking. She didn’t like working in the extreme heat, and maybe she didn’t like the client’s attitude, but neither did I, and now I have a damaged arm.

I so need a different type of job. A writing job or photography job, or a gentle job that at least pays a dollar over minimum wage. The boss asked me if I was going to go to my next scheduled shift and I answered, ” I don’t know. It depends on how long my arm remains hurting.” I have this hole open with no direct answers. I just don’t want to go back to that client’s house ever again, and yet there are no other clients to go to. Please, God, open another door for me somewhere.


12 thoughts on “Break The Silence

  1. I completely understand this as it has happened to me also its hard and makes you rethink whether you can be compassionate about someone so rude.


    • Very true. I have considered whether I may still be too emotional about losing my brother, but then again she was down right rude, but it does affect me more because of the recent loss of Al.


  2. Does not help much but when I meet someone so rude I try to tell myself that person makes me look so much nicer/better/kinder. Like we have to have some bad to appreciate the good. I hope your boss will find you another client to work with. The photography job would be awesome…keep praying and writing for us and yourself.


  3. I believe a caring job is not easy at all. I am only visiting my mum in a home and all the moaning people are just too much. I could not have this daily. Glad I am rather working with children. Wish you find an easier job an that your arm is getting better.


    • Thanks Ute. I don’t know if I could handle kids, lol, but I think they would be better than adults. My arm is hurting enough it hurts to pick up a cup of coffee


  4. The thing you need to deal with first is your own health Terry – both physical and mental. If it means you no longer work for that company then so be it. I do understand exactly what you mean about needing the money but you need to look after yourself first.
    I truly hope that another door opens soon for you.


  5. Some people are just plain rude. And – this person is a great example of what I don’t want to be when I grow up – a sourpuss.
    Hang in there Terry.


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