You Don’t Own Me

It’s been a couple of hectic days. Some things fell apart, some trying to teach the dog how to walk on a leash. My house never got touched either day. There are dog toys strewn all over the living room along with tiny pieces of toys he has shredded.

I took no special time for anyone or anything, but I did try to make some minor plans for ice-cream tonight but that fell apart to. It must be let down weekend, but oh well, who cares?

I just don’t care today. I don’t care if someone is talking behind my back. I don’t care if I am being lied to. I don’t care if I am not in my best clothes. I don’t care about the house. I just enjoyed being with AJ and listening to the oldies on the radio. So I say go ahead people, do what you want, you don’t own me. You won’t keep me down!

Ever had one of those days or weekends? Try it, you might like it. Happy Memorial day my friends.




woman from fifties




17 thoughts on “You Don’t Own Me

  1. Sweetie I think you totally rock and you just relax and enjoy your time with AJ.
    Pee on those back stabbing folks.
    I joined the I do not give a crap club a long time ago when I realized life was to short doing what everyone else thought I should do.
    You just live your life one day at a time and do what you need to do to be content and happy.


  2. Oh yes, but you are not here to please everybody else, you are you and do what you enjoy and feel free and comfortable with. It is your life, you do as you like. Enjoy your day doing and being just you! do it more often 😊


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