Happy Memorial Day

http://kattermonran.com  I consider Al to be one of my very close blogging friends. He helps me in ways I didn’t realize that I needed help with. When I saw the post just now, it once again hit home. I copied and pasted it so you could read it also below.


… Remember, You Are Listening. ~ Bob Proctor

When we talk to people about ourselves, a lot of the time we run ourselves down, and if we do it enough, we start to believe it. When you talk to someone, and they steer the conversation to you, tell them what you can do, not what you can’t. Tell them the good things about you, not the bad. Tell them what makes you smile, not what makes you sad. You are deserving of happiness, and you know why? Because you make a difference in this world just by being you. You will never find a better you.

The first thing I catch myself doing when I am talking to just about anyone is cut myself down. I don’t want to do it, but I do it anyways. I dog myself about  my age.

Sometimes I am so fearful of getting old that I blurt out that I am old or getting too old for this or that. I have been going to see a job coach and the first thing she told me was to quit knocking myself down about the age thing.

I hadn’t even realized that I was doing it, but obviously, she had heard it. Why do I do it? We all are going to die at some point. I think about the horrid pain and death my brother went through and then I quietly whisper to myself the word wimp.

If he could be in constant pain for over a year and go through the internal changes he did, then surely I can deal with my injured tendons, aches and pains and be thankful for the facts that I can still walk. I can feed myself, dress myself.

If a soldier can be placed in a setting where his life could be placed in immediate danger, than what is my problem. A soldier can be torn from his family for months at a time.

I am sure he is not dining on steak and mashed potatoes and doesn’t have the wide choices of eating healthy or not at times. Carrying the heavy equipment on his back, slithering through dusty ground, sleeping in less comfort of  his own bed.

Oh Terry, you have life so good. Your pain and fears are so unworthy of cutting yourself down. Live for today girlfriend, give thanks for every single thing you have and quit worrying about your age or how close to death you are. You have a long way to go baby, make each day count.

Thank-you Al from A mixed bag,  for being the wonderful friend and confidant that you have been for so long. Thank-you God for allowing me to go through the circumstances I have been through.Thank-you Al, my brother, for giving me the opportunity to care for you. Thank-you Jesus, for loving me with all my weak areas. Let me help those who need a comforting shoulder or to be able to recognize their hurting soul. Amen

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10 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. It is something the majority of us do without thinking. I am glad that I could help you, and I am glad that your coach is helping you with it as well.


  2. I catch myself doing the same thing from time to time, but not as often. I will be 66 in September, and some where along the way what others think stopped being all that important. It became what I thought of me and can I live with my thoughts and actions.
    I think all old broads get that way. 😛


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