In Honor of My Parents and Brother Al




It is beautiful outdoors

The sun is shining

The birds are singing

I feel I must leave

Yet I fight inside

The clouds hang

Over me and they

Could lift if I only

Choose to see

And say hello

To my parents

And brother dear

This is so hard

Excuses galore

But I must go

Out of respect

For I will be

Grieving my

Own selfishness

So I say out loud

Go tell them

That you love them

Let a tear drop fall

Break down the

Guarded curtains

Let down the cement wall.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Al's funeralal-july-11-2me and brotherAngel_Wings__Animated__by_Iaenicpurple candles

7 thoughts on “In Honor of My Parents and Brother Al

    • it still hurts very much. I am doing better though, less tears, but when I think about Al especially since it has been so recent, my heart still hurts deep


  1. Hi Terry, I haven’t been on my blog for months trying to make my way back. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your brother. No more pain he is your angel now watching over you.


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