Photography and Me

Well, I did it. I went to the cemetery and said hello to my parents and my brother. It was hard. I told Al how sorry I was that I hadn’t been there before, but I just missed him so bad.

After that was done I went through McDonald’s and got some lunch. It only cost me $3.30 since I ordered water with my meal instead of pop. I will have to do that more often.

After leaving there I went to the park and spent some time taking photos. That was very enjoyable to me. When I got home of course AJ was acting like I had been gone for years instead of a couple of hours.

After taking him for a short walk I made an album and put the photos I took from today and then added a few of my other favorites. Who knows, maybe someone will think, hey, look at these. I think I need her to take some for……………..

I don’t know but I am willing to take the chance to open a brand new door that isn’t labeled health care.

11 thoughts on “Photography and Me

  1. Good for you and life is an adventure. Some of us just move through it slower and take a bit longer to get started, but we get there eventually.
    I seldom go tot he cemetery anymore as I am more of a balloon releaser on the beach.
    I buy helium filled balloons at the Dollar Tree and tie a note to my loved ones and send them up to the Heavens.
    This brings me great comfort and I believe I am more in contact with them this way.
    Hugs and have a good day, and belly rubs to AJ.


  2. It is always good to start something new…it took me a year but I found gardening has been a blessing for me. I am sure you will do great – I hope you share some of your pictures with us, I know I would love to see them and I am sure many of your friends would too.


    • Thanks so much Patty. Al has now been gone two months. It seems like yesterday, still very clear in my mind, all the pain, all the sorrow. I still can’t see beyond the fog of pain to smile over the memories, but I am sure it will come


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