I Am Crying Like a Big Baby

Alvin's memory bookAlvin's memory book 2I received a knock on the door from the mail lady. I had been spending a lot of time in Al’s room today getting so many things separated.

The mail lady had a large envelope for me. I didn’t remember ordering anything and didn’t recognize the sender.

I sat down and opened it up. Reading the introductory letter I started to sob. Here I was, in cleaning and sorting his belongings and here is a book I am opening up about Al.

Six businesses that knew Al, my brother very well, including the infamous Zales Pharmacy had pooled their monies together and had this book made for me in honor of Al.

I am just overwhelmed and proud. Oh my heart is aching bad as it has been since yesterday when I went to the cemetery to see him and mom and dad.

How beautiful this book is. Places to mark things from the funeral and things that I never want to forget about Al.

The tears are coming too fast now and I can’t see the print easily, so I am going to go. I just wanted to share with you my gift.

19 thoughts on “I Am Crying Like a Big Baby

  1. OMG … what a truly wonderful thing for them to do. I know it is a PR stunt, but it works. It means that someone there has feelings and knows what grief is like. It’s incredible.


  2. What an incredibly beautiful thing for them to do! I’m so touched that they did this, and that they did it without letting you know about it before-hand. The perfect thing, at the perfect time.

    Sometimes people will do things which restore your faith. I’m so thrilled that they did this for you Terry. You needed it more than they will every know. God bless, my friend. x


  3. What a beautiful thing for them to do Your brother was remarkable person , and loved greatly for them to make such a beautiful keep sake .
    I hopeI can be that kid of person God bless


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