I Thought I Knew Everything

Get out of my room and get off of my back, were the words heard as the boyfriend came out of the bathroom. He ignored the tone and went back to the living room and plopped himself down in front of the TV.

Music jams were blaring. Screaming coming from the bedroom, and Brittany was on her bed in tears. All she ever wanted was someone to love her, but this isn’t how she thought is would be.

Pregnant at 15 her parents kicked her out. They hadn’t called or tried in any way to contact her. Brittany knew inside her heart that she had disappointed them badly with her news. Her parents were stiff. Rules to follow and consequences if you broke them. Now she looked back and wished she was home.

Rock her boyfriend was the scum of the earth. Lazy and always thinking of himself. He had told her he loved her when he scored with her one night weeks ago. The two had met at a party of one of her friends. He smiled big, showing he was interested.

The two escaped the party and went out in the backyard. The words were thick as fog. Nobody cares about me. I have tried to get a job, but no one wants to hire me because I have all these tattoos.

Taking pity on each other led to a quick slam-bang thank-you mam finality. That was the beginning and the end of her life. The next night they hooked up again. Rock wasn’t afraid of  her.  Hell she was already knocked up, so he didn’t have to worry about any child support down the road; and besides, she was good at what she did.

Brittany had been staying at her friend’s house and they had been pressuring her to find a place of her own or go back home. Well, she sure wasn’t going back home to that hell hole.

She told Rock about it and with some dickering the two had an apartment. Before long a friend of Rock’s moved in. From day one he had been putting the move on her. Brittany would complain to Rock but his words were, he’s harmless, just ignore him.

All Rock seemed to want was his beer, TV and sex. Although the sex was good, it got old fast. Her belly was getting bigger as the baby grew inside. She became more tired and was contemplating giving up her job as a waitress.

She hated to do this because this is the only money that was coming in. She now knew that Rock was not interested in working and it was up to her to make the bread. The new live-in was no better than his friend. So here was three people, living in a shabby dump and the rent was due, but no money was ready for transfer of  hands.

It was a balmy night. There was no air-conditioning in their tiny place. The windows were open but no breeze. Rock was passed out on the sofa and hearing the door open, the roomy had come home.

She heard him shut his bedroom door and she began to relax enough to go to sleep. She must have started to doze because she wasn’t aware that her door had opened until she felt hands grabbing at her breast.

A hand over her mouth he was able to have his way with her in a matter of seconds. Afterwards he let himself out of her room shutting the door behind him. Brittany started crying. None of this was worth it. Being with a bum and a rapist she had no one to lean on.

She went into the bathroom and washed her body as good as she could. She crawled back in her bed and lay there staring at the ceiling. The night went on for what seemed forever.

Soon is was dawn. She got up and dressed. She slipped out of the house with her purse and went down the block to the pay phone. Slipping the coins in she listened and heard, ” Hello.”

” Hi mom, it’s me Brit. I need help.”

pay phone

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