The Waitress


The Waitress

I know you saw me

Standing there

Desire in your eyes

Your lips wet

Hands in pockets

I strike a pose

You change positions

I throw my head back

You love the slender neck

You legs begin to move

I take one step forward

You stand a little taller

Hands reaching out

Fingertips touch

You twirl me around

A smile widens on your face

Your hand around my waist

Hips come together

Music on the jukebox

You rip my apron off

And look into my eyes

Feet moving in sync

Hearts beating faster

Spinning round and round

The cafe disappears

As we sink into the groove

The dance is over

My  apron reattached

You walk towards the door

Taking one last look again

I blow a kiss your way

You reach out to grab it

Our eyes speak

As we know this

Won’t be the last dance.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



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