Is There a Nurse or Doctor in the House?

Patient, me, walks into the tiny room. All white and sterile looking. Two calming pictures hang on the wall. Both of ocean views. It helps me a little. Skinny nurse walks in and takes my vitals. She states they are alright.

” What seems to be the problem that brings you here today Terry?”

” Well it all began when I couldn’t say no. You know I have a real issue with this. Well there was this elderly gentleman who needed my help. He was moving to a new home and he needed it cleaned. I went with him and swiftly glanced through the rooms he wanted cleaned. I thought not too bad, so I said yes I would help.

Well from there which took a lot longer than a couple of days, actually it was more like a week. I used my arms until they felt like they were going to break off. All  my nicely filed nails broke from being in water so much, but I did get the job finished.

From there I went to a client’s home to work and she insisted I go buy her ten cases of soda. All the lifting and transferring sent my arm into a screaming outrage. I went to a friend’s house to visit and there was another friend who was a Massage Therapist.

She checked out my slightly swollen arm and did some massaging on it. She said she found five trigger points in my tendons. Now it has been a few days since then and I have been busy sorting out Al’s room, but my elbow has shown me that it doesn’t like it. Thankfully I was pretty well done with that job.

The other issue aggravating my elbow is the pup I have. He is a real corker. Never sitting still. I place him on the leash and he takes off like hell running. I try to control him and keep ahead of him by hanging tight to the leash but it doesn’t always work. He took off on a quick burst and I didn’t realize it. He ended up not being able to go past the end of the line but my entire arm jerked forward. I thought I may have dislocated my arm, but I didn’t.

So this is my story. I could barely type yesterday keeping me a way from my blogging friends. It just caused so much pain. It always feels when it hurts bad that I just hit my funny bone. Sometimes my middle finger will go tingly and painful when I get that pain in my elbow.

I have begun the every four-hour cycle of taking ibuprofen and I found some Icy Hot in my medicine cabinet so started using that last night. If I don’t use my arm much I don’t have much pain. I had to order in last night because I couldn’t lift things to cook. I was supposed to go out to dinner but I knew I could not drive one-handed.

So my question is, it is no worse, and slowly getting better, but how long will it take for the tendons to calm down or heal?”

The nurse looks at me as she finishes jotting down her notes. ” I don’t know Terry, but you can explain this story to the doctor when he comes in.”


22 thoughts on “Is There a Nurse or Doctor in the House?

  1. Or chiropractic – that helps too, with tingly sensations – usually indicates the nerve is pinched. I understand your frustration with the nurse thought – after going thru all that, you just have to turn around and spend 10 more minutes seeing the doctor who will prescribe paind meds and scoot you out the door!


  2. Or chiropractic – that helps too, with tingly sensations – usually indicates the nerve is pinched. I understand your frustration with the nurse thought – after going thru all that, you just have to turn around and spend 10 more minutes seeing the doctor who will prescribe pain meds and scoot you out the door! FYI – love the picture with the snappy cowgirl hat – you would fit right in out here in Oregon!


  3. love the pic of you. sorry to hear about your arm and hope you can take care of yourself and heal. as for your pup here is a training technique we got and used. when you put the leash on as soon as he tugs stand still. when he stops then start walking again, each time he tugs you stop. at first it may take 15 minutes to go even a few feet. with patience and persistance you can win this one. just don’t yell. be patient and speak in an even tone of voice. sending you loving, healing thoughts


  4. So sorry for your pain and such. But I do know by experience about dog walking – 2 things-
    get a harness if you don’t already use one – they pull less.
    Also – when he pulls – you make like a tree – just stop and stand there until he stops. When you walk again – and he pulls – you stop. He’ll get the message that no walk until he walks with you.


    • I have had two harnesses for him. The first one didn’t fit and he was out of it by morning. I bought another type and he chewed the strap in half and no more harness. I can’t find one small enough for him and I even went to Pet Smart


  5. Love the photo of you.
    My grand-grandson, Sammy, says, “pretty cowboy lady,”, when he saw your photo on this post.
    I am not sure how long it takes but I do know the more you rest it the quicker it gets better.


    • Ohhh what a sweet little grand-grandson to say that about me. I am always so aware of how much I weigh, I could just hug that little one for his words


  6. Ah, those crazy pups they just love to run! My girlfriend’s dog likes to bolt at any given moment and he is usually the one taking me for a walk instead of the opposite, haha. Hope you feel better Terry!


  7. I’m so sorry for your arm, Terry. That’s a terrible pain you must having. I hope it will heal soon…and Babe, you look great with that cowboy hat..YEEHAW… Healing Pawkisses are on your way 🙂


  8. I know you are in dire pain…but, you made me giggle a little with the line…from the nurse…
    ” I don’t know Terry, but you can explain this story to the doctor when he comes in.”… just REPEAT all of the above again!…You have to admit that’s funny!


  9. You need to rest that arm Terry, but at the same time, you must still use it a little. Not for heavy lifting or anything which causes the pain to get worse. Use it only enough to make the blood pump round the arm – so a little, now and again, throughout your days. It’s a slow process but providing you don’t do something daft (like cleaning someone elses house!) it will heal and you’ll likely see some improvement within a week. (But don’t go doing ‘stuff’ the minute you feel it’s getting better!)

    The puppy .. I agree with the comments above – when he pulls, stand completely still. If he continues to pull, then turn around and suddenly walk in the opposite direction. Then when he behaves turn around again and carry on with your walk. It confuses him and he’ll not be sure of what’s going on, so will try to anticipate the turn around and will be concentrating on what you’re doing and forget his desire to race ahead. (This is what has worked for me with all my dogs that I’ve ever had, so hopefully it will work for you).

    Sending healing thoughts for that arm. Take it easy my friend. ~ Cobs.x


    • My arm is much better but still a little sensitive. I use it now, as you said to do, but I am careful. I want to take one step forward, not two steps backwards. Thanks for the huge tip about my dog. I will give this a try! Hugs


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