Special Memories?

I was sitting here thinking of Al and remembering back to the times when he saw people. How lucky was he that he was able to see our parents and Jesus. Our mom passed away in 2000 and dad passed in 2007.

For those of us who have lost loved ones I suppose you and I are no different.  Our hearts bleed and yet our love runs deep. Only the circumstances are. Al passed away from a terrible and rude illness called MSA. This stands for Multiple System Atrophy.

It is a killer of an illness in more ways than just taking a loved one from us; but on the other side of the coin, beautiful things and multiple blessings can be found if only we become aware of the precious moments.

At my weakest moments as I would sit or stand beside Al holding his hand and tears running quietly down my cheeks, Al would whisper in that soft voice, “Do you see him?” I would look around, the tears would stop in fear he may notice them. Then Al would say, ” There, right beside you is Jesus.” What a beautiful thing to behold.

A gift for those getting ready to cross over from this earth to the heavenly hands of God. I can think of no gift here on earth that could rise above this one. For Al to see mom and dad is something I wish so many times that I could do, but alas, I must wait my turn for my life to be almost over.

I can not be jealous of something so cherished by Al. I can only be happy for him that he is united once again with our family. I have been able to start smiling a little as I remember those special times Al and I shared together. The tears still fall, but time is on my side and with God’s hand I am making it through each day.

Have any of you who have lost a special person in your life, like to share with me a special story that you remember while sitting with the one you loved? If so, I would love to read and be able to comment on it.

I am not trying to bring back sadness. I am trying to bring forth joyful times and smiles from your memories. We are close enough friends that it would be an honor for you to share with me some special memory that you hold dear to your heart.beauty 2

24 thoughts on “Special Memories?

  1. Yes I have beautiful memories of one of the hardest, most heart breaking times in my life.
    My oldest, and first born, my son David, age 31, got into drugs and overdosed.
    They were able to get his heart started again and call an ambulance.
    He was not on life support and they would not put him on.
    They said he was an unemployed junkie.
    He was my son.
    Junkies are peoples sons and daughters, and my heart ached at the definition of my beautiful boy as just another low life junkie.
    I sat beside his bed praying for him to return and to be able to see that he could live without the drugs and the world it had taken him into.
    Four days later he opened his eyes, looked at me and smiled.
    I was holding his hand an drugs him and told him how much I loved him.
    He smiled at me, squeezed my hand, and told me he loved me.
    He told me he was not staying and was being called and had to go.
    He closed his eyes and stepped into heaven.
    “big sigh”


  2. Beautiful memories.
    Being happy for someone else’s happiness & happy moments is a most wonderful kind of love.

    Gosh – so many happy memories. But – in memory of my brother – Roy – I will go with when he danced with me at my wedding. 🙂



  3. I have lost grandparents and aunts and uncles, but nobody in my immediate family through death.

    I know that he loved you, and that he had a gift, being able to see people before he went.


    • You are a very fortunate guy to have your immediate family. I used to brag because I was older and had all my family and then one year it changed and within a few years I had lost everyone it seemed. Thankfully I still have my kids, but that void of the immediately family will always remain empty but partially filled with good memories. Thanks for sharing with me Al


  4. Thank you for this lovely post! While I was not there when two important people in my life Crossed Over (dad in a car accident and a dear friend in a suicide) I have great memories of them. I was a teen when my nana (dad’s mom) and pop-pop (mom’s dad) passed, and at the end of April was able to see my mom-mom (mom’s mom) just a few hours before she passed. Love and miss them all!


  5. I lost my father to suicide back when I was 15. The first day of my freshman year in high school and we were kept from getting on the bus to be told. I as a child always had trouble saying I love you. I do not even know why. My parents had been divorced for many years and we barely got to see our father. So when I did it was very special for me. I found out after he died that he also suffered with epilepsy. So now I know where I got it from. He also suffered deep depressions. No doctors would help him. I would assume due to no insurance. Anyhow two weeks before he took his life he had come to see me here at our home. With him he brought some Cherries. Which here in Northern Michigan Traverse City to be exact they have a festival called the cherry festival. Not sure if that is where he had gotten them but he brought me some. And I hate cherries lol. He told me he loved me. I for some reason could not say it back. I did love him very much but was hard for me to say these words. I would assume that is why I can say them now so often. Then two weeks later he was gone. I never got the chance to tell him those three little words. And I feel so horrible for not saying them. I always wondered if I would of said them maybe he would not of left. Maybe he would of stayed a little longer. And even though I really hate those cherries. It is a very special memory I have. My dad the last time I ever saw him. And a big bag of cherries! And he came to see me! It was kind of like his goodbye. Although I had no clue.


    • It is as if he knew he was leaving you soon. You may not like cherries, but in a very special place in your heart you will always treasure cherries. I know this had to be hard to tell me this and I want to thank you for sharing with me. He may have been depressed but he knew he loved his child. Big hugs and I love you


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