Gone With the Windfall


You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?

The first thing I would do is go into a mild shock. Inheriting money from an aunt I didn’t even know existed would prompt numerous questions. After receiving my answers, the next thing out of my mouth would be, why me?

After the dust settled I would purchase the log cabin in the hills and out of the snow. I would go to the store and buy three freezers. Finding a farmer and checking his stats I would fill those freezers up.

I would then invest in a tiller and prepare the rich soil for a large garden. I would hire a couple of disabled adults who would help me pull weeds and bring in the harvest. The dog, Blue, that I had owned for years and I would welcome open-heartedly all the neighbors.

Breaking bread, my door would always be open to a kind soul who needed to fill their stomach and have someone to talk to who feels lonely. After clearing the table and giving the scraps to the dog we would walk through the yard, checking bird feeders to see if they needed filled.

As the sun goes down I would sit on my brand new porch swing on my wooden porch. There I would spend some quality time reading my Bible and talking to God. Morning comes early so I would retire to my wrought iron bed with the down filled mattress and sleep like a baby.

You wonder about the money? What did I do with the rest of my inheritance? Easy answer. I put some in a pair of old shoes that even Blue won’t go near. I put some more in an old cookie jar my mama left me when she passed away. The better part of what was left is tucked deep inside that old, soft mattress. Banks, nah, I don’t trust them.

They are always trying their best to figure out ways to steal my money. Those people got nice faces but deep down inside they would love to kiss my ass to get a hold of my dollars. They would try their darndest to get me to put it in their lock box, then they would borrow off it for their own personal gain.

Nope, I didn’t move out here and decide to live off the land because I love being around people so much.  I was too trusting and got burnt too much. I only need a few things in life.

A good bed to rest my weary head upon at night. Some natural grown food I grew myself, none of that so-called organic shit that they pluck right off the vines before I can even squeeze the goodness out of it.

I need a few good friends in my life and I need to know that I let the good neighbors around me realize that I am a good listener and always just a shout away. All the rest I need in the world is given to me by the good Lord above. Remember the story in the Bible about the mustard seed? Well, I do and that’s how I live today.

mustard seed

13 thoughts on “Gone With the Windfall

  1. I would buy the PAW’s animal rescue building and give it to them and path the taxes for as long as I could.
    Then I would pay for all of the food they will need and staff to take care of all of the unwanted, abandoned pets left behind when their owners move out of the area.


  2. I would be on my way to visit my sponsored child, then after some rest at home, take my kids, sister and her husband to Germany, Ireland and Scotland and bring back my dearest friend and her brother who live in Scotland and help him set up a landscaping business then I would either gut my house, restore it to it original design (as much as possible – it was added on to three times) or design a house to reflect the stone homes of Gettysburg, out of the city but like you not too far out – I love people and my door would always be open, much like it is today!


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