A Piece of Me Will Live On and On

Right before my brother passed away a new grandchild was born. He is so precious. He is smiling now and sometimes laughs out loud. If Al could have seen him I know he would just be smiling so big.

Al was always fascinated by little kids. I always thought he connected with them in his own child-like mind. It makes me smile when I think of Al more and more. I like being able to go back in my memories and re-live all the fun times we had.

Sure there were terrible times. We argued, I cried at times, but we had many days of laughter. I am beginning to see that the old stuff is somehow placed deep away in a dark space in my mind and the sun shines through the good stuff.

Now, once again, I am waiting on being a grandma again today. My daughter-in-law went into the hospital to give birth. It is like being a grandma all over again. We all know this is going to be a little girl and I already know she is going to be beautiful like the rest of my grandchildren. They came from my own handsome children.

If mom were here today she would be one of the first ones wanting to hold the new bundle of joy. She was a busy woman when she was alive but she seemed to make time for family.

Dad would say he didn’t want to hold the baby. Too young, wait until older, but someone would place the newborn in his hands and he would just beam

It saddens me a little to know that I always dreamed of being shown that smile when ever dad was around. It wasn’t that he didn’t love us. He just wasn’t one to show it.  I saw him cry one time over me. I had allowed fear to take over his heart. I was a brat as a teenager I guess. Probably more often than not we all have disappointed our parents.

Al is gone and almost my entire family is gone. Life continues its cycle. New births, and heaven’s doors open upon God’s words. I would give my right arm to have what I had when I was younger, but I cherish all that I have in  my mind today, and it makes me more thankful when the babies arrive, as I know that no matter what, a piece of me will live on and on for ever and ever, even in our hearts.





8 thoughts on “A Piece of Me Will Live On and On

  1. Life is now and in the future, You have a big family in your children and your grandchildren this is what needs celebrating. The past can’t be changed , sad times we all had but we should remember the happy times more often.
    Congratulation to another granddaughter, you are blessed Terry!


  2. Congratulations! Since Tom died every time I see or hold a baby it reaffirms the love our God has for us. And that yes, life does indeed go on – babies are a perfect example of the circle of life. I am sure this little one will bring you much comfort and happy memories of Al.


  3. It is alway best to shove the terrible times into a dark place and turn the light off on them.
    I am at the age where happy memories are what i want and try hard to keep them in my heart light.
    How wonderful you have another new grand coming so soon.
    We have twin great grands coming and are so excited.


  4. Oh, Terry, you must be so excited..well, I am 😉 The circle of life goes on and on. Two weeks after my first grandson was born, my grandma passed away, my second grandson was born after my mom passed away and I have more beautiful experiences like this. I think God is taking care of us and gives us someone to hold on, so that we’re not so much in pain of the loss from a loved one. Pawkisses for a Wonderful Weekend 🙂


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