Do We Blink Anymore?

I live in an area that is supposed to be senior citizen row. Unfortunately across the street is any age. I used to feel safe here but no longer.

Neighbors do drugs who are adults. Down the street meth labs have been busted by police. A young kid a few years older than my grandson who is just five, kneed him in the private area. When the kid was being talked too his mom came out and defended what he had done.

Today something happened that just broke my heart. An older couple who lives pretty close loves birds. They owned two cages and in each one was a beautiful singing bird. Every time I walked by I enjoyed the music from these beauties.

But today was different. Some mischievous kids decided they had nothing better to do with their time so in broad light they jumped up on this couple’s porch and stole the bird cages.

In the warm weather these people put the two cages out on their porch so the birds could enjoy the sunny days. These kids who obviously have no respect for others intentionally killed one of the birds.

The law caught them and managed to return one living bird and both cages to the couple. I just could not help but be a little more afraid where I live. I could not help but think about how awful the world is becoming as God is taken more and more out of public view and mouth.

I am sixty years old. I see the changes from when I was a kid. I see the lack of child rearing and lack of respect. I have several grandchildren and most of them are on the younger side. What will happen to them as they become young adults?

People say to live for today but shouldn’t we live for tomorrow also by teaching our children this minute? Shouldn’t we show them they are worthy and let them feel love and secure? I lock everything but today this isn’t always enough. I don’t own or carry any weapons and I would not be able to pull a trigger. I do now keep an ice-pick and knife on my bed side table.

I thought the city I grew up in would always be safe but it isn’t anymore. It seems like the crime is not too bad here. People say drug busts are too common. I say we have a real problem when we do not blink in shock at school shootings, rape, drug use by children. I think we are all in trouble no matter if we live on senior citizen row or not.

10 thoughts on “Do We Blink Anymore?

  1. You are so right…the Bible says that we are “to train up a child in the way that he should go.” It goes on to say that children taught will not depart from that teaching when they grow up, and it sounds like some of the ones near you have been taught–whether directly or indirectly–to be insensitive, uncaring, reckless, and disrespectful. The Bible also tells us to always be watchful, yet to not be weary in well-doing. You keep on bringing light to tye dark world around you and slowly, change will happen!


  2. I agree with you that the neighborhoods that used to be safe are no longer safe of roller folks.
    We do not go into town after dark at all and when we do we do not go alone.
    The apt complex we live in is 55 and over.
    It is located outside of town near the ocean and surrounded by woods-and farm lands
    Be safe my friend and hugs.


    • Sometimes I tend to look backwards instead of forwards but in this thinking I realize I have to be smarter to remain safer. What a shame that it is this way. With us being in the older generation, crooks think we are weaker, but I think that in some areas we are more prepared for the what ifs, Sun


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