The Play, Catch Me If You Can

I have been so down and out. I think God knew this and had one of my friends reach out to me with a ticket to see Catch Me If You Can last night at the famous Wagon Wheel here in Warsaw. It is a place where plays are put on all year round.


It did me a world of good for almost three hours. I forgot all the pain from losing my brother. You also know I couldn’t leave home without my camera. Here are some photos I was allowed to take before and after the play.

If you haven’t seen or heard about this play; it is about the bad guy as usual. It was set in the sixties if I remember right. The young guy, grows into a bad man, wanting everything however he can get it, and the guy who reforms in the end. It was thrilling and exciting to watch. It held me captivated the entire time.

Wagon Wheelwagon wheel 2Wagon Wheel 3wagon wheel 4wagon wheel 5wagon wheel 6wagon wheel 7wagon wheel 8wagon wheel 9wagon wheel 10wagon wheel 11wagon wheel 12

11 thoughts on “The Play, Catch Me If You Can

  1. Hi Terry!
    It’s been a while. But – know that I have been thinking about you (& reading your book).
    That was very nice of your friend to do that.
    What a blessing to have a friend like her.


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