I Give You a Special Treat

I should be taking a shower, but I am just not ready to go in there and wash away what ever remains from the last 24 hours, so I decided to look at Stumble Upon. I was fascinated by the first page that was shown me.

I sometimes sit here and ponder on how a flea sized person like me can stand still and yet the world is quickly moving around me. Remember going through photos of family and friends and inhaling a deep breath as you see how people have changed? Obviously, you look at yourself in the mirror and see some change; but nothing like those folks in the photos.

We get so wrapped up in our minute activities, or at least I do. How do I feel today. Am I sad or am I starting this day off to a roaring thunder. Are the skies going to be a beautiful blue or are the threat of thunderstorms going to ruin my evening activities.

Is the world really round or since I can’t see the complete picture, could it be square. Did I wear this outfit already in the past two weeks. When is the last time I gave the dog a bath.

Bills due, food to buy, kids to take to activities, work is on overload, weddings to go to. Life can sure seem like great chaos at time and yet when we stand very still it feels like nothing is actually moving.

I read and hopefully understood that it is alright to share this page of fantastic photos with you. I didn’t see anywhere on the page that I couldn’t share, so  here is something for your eyes to view, your brain to take in, and hopefully you will enjoy this as much as I did and want to pass it on. Enjoy my friends.






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