If you have been through

Or felt what I have

Then you will be able

To recognize

I tended to hear

Only the loud and clear

But then I heard a soft voice

And I recognized

That loud doesn’t mean right

And I can turn an ear

I can dry up the tears

Because I recognized

As I was told many times before

The words that are said

Aren’t for me to believe

Now I recognize

A lift of my feelings

A heart beating strong

I will fight for my life

Because he made

Me recognize.

Dedicated to R. W.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



9 thoughts on “Recognize

      • Hello Terry its been a while since i have been in touch. Ihope that you are well.I think of Al regularly.My fight still goes on and i will never give in.My wife is beside me and cares like no other could,she is a wonderful human beingand never ceases to amaze me.In the last 8 years she has lost 2 sisters her youngest brother and her nephew to cancer and has been there for them all right right to the end.Why does someone have to suffer so much, someone who is so good.I like and enjoy your writings and hope i can keep reading them,may youre god go with you always,may he love and cherish you always. Michael


      • Michael, it is so good to talk to you again. Oh how I miss my dear brother, but slowly the days are being repaired. I would love it if we were closer in miles. I would feel so honored to meet you and your beautiful wife. You keep fighting dear friend. Fight like Al did no matter what. Pray daily, pray all the time that God holds you while you go through this time in your life. Al fought until the last two days and then I think God lifted him out of reality while he took Al home. I sure do miss him. Tell your wife hello and I send only the best thoughts and prayers for you both


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