Looking for Editor and Publisher

The book I wrote about my brother Al is one of the most important projects I have done recently. Although I am very proud of Dahlia, my first book, this book is way up on the ladder.

MSA was and remains the most wicked illness I have ever run into in my 23 years of being in the medical field. I went through many emotions along with the terror and pain of watching my brother slip a way from me.

I wrote this book called, Al, his life and MSA, not to brag to show I could write another book. I didn’t write it for popularity votes. I wrote it for a teaching tool. There are so many questions and no answers. There is research but, but research takes dollars, so  it doesn’t help a whole hell of a lot when very few even recognize the words, Multiple System Atrophy.

Ever changing circumstances, day-to-day, sometimes hour to hour. Various side-effects unlike any cancer.

My goal is to have a publisher do his thing with my 31 chapters. I self-published my first book, along with my dear friend Diane. It has sold but I want this book to be in doctor’s offices, medical centers, neurologist’s hands.

I know I am dreaming big, but why not? What do I have to lose by following this dream? A book that sits on my own shelf collecting dust when it could be in the hands of a family or caregiver’s hands.

Please, help me along with my prayers to locate a publisher who has compassion, heart and an inner soul who wants to help spread the word of one caregiver, a sister and the journey of MSA.

I may want to add a special note here for the sake of others. I have not located a job as of yet, so I can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars to get this published, but I will do my very best at doing what I can to help get this out. Thank-you. Please, please share this with someone you know who may have some personal contact or interest in my goal.

hellocropped-dahlia-front-cover.jpg04-53oct-13-13M.S.A. cover

18 thoughts on “Looking for Editor and Publisher

  1. For my part – my sister having had MSA and her neurologist having had only 1 other case – there was no information out there on what to do for her, what would help what wouldn’t. The people I met on Facebook and in chat rooms, and your blog, were the best help and comfort I could find. I sincerely hope that you do find an outlet for Al’s story. His were unique circumstances.


    • Bless you Nena for your words. My greatest reward is you telling me my blog either comforted you or helped or both. Thank-you so much. I pray that an angel and God helps me with my dream


  2. ready to publish?… that’s an achievement in itself…I learned by reading your blog about this terrible disease…and it became a part of me …as I watched your everyday life…with Al…I still find myself looking at COKE items and think of mailing one to Al…then, remember…
    I read your book Dahlia while on Jury Duty these past two weeks…REALY-REALLY good Terry!…You do have talent!…Wishing you the best on this endeavor!


    • I am happy to hear that you enjoyed my first book. I still look at coke items too and men’s clothes. It is so hard to stop after doing it for so many years. I think of Al every single day and I miss him terribly. Big hugs my friend


  3. Terry, I too lost my brother to MSA. The picture you posted of him reminds me of him. I hope you find the help you need to publish your book. I can’t wait to read it.


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