Isn’t it Possible?

Isn’t it Possible


What can make you feel loved?

A new baby?

A little puppy?

A mate by your side?

How can we be accepted?

More money in the bank?

A new car?

Many friends?

Isn’t it possible

That you are already there?

Making your mark

Standing concrete

But don’t see it?

Isn’t it possible

That others think

Of you often

That you are

Already admired

And respected?

Isn’t it possible

That the problem

Lies from within?

Open your eyes

Get down on your knees

Give thanks to above

For you are

Exactly who

God hath made.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



14 thoughts on “Isn’t it Possible?

  1. Love your prose, but it doesn’t address those who are suffering really difficult circumstances that require more than just a perspective shift. Some are down on their knees praying for the healing of a loved one that just hasn’t happened yet.


    • We don’t know each other, but I have witnessed more than my share of suffering in my lifetime. I don’t want us to “one up” each other to say who really understands suffering. But I must beg to differ. All suffering is not the same. When a college student is randomly shot by a gunman, the suffering of that parent is incomparable to the suffering of a person who is dealing with a job they dislike. However, I do believe that all suffering is relative and each of us is entitled to experience our own suffering without comparison to others’. Please forgive my comments about your prose. Your words are lovely and I imagine would speak to me differently at a different time in my life. Thank you so much. Cate


  2. Lovely writings like this are therapeutic. It may not heal a cancer patient but one light moment in his heart that may come after reading this is something no medication can give. I love this Terry, my friend. Please go on writing lovely prose. There is inner peace in believing that there are a lot more nice people around than otherwise.


  3. Terry – do not take one persons perspective of your written words as a criticism of that which you have written from your own place and space in the world.

    Readers must understand that you, as the writer, aren’t writing their story but your own. You cannot write (effectively) someone elses story, for only they know it.

    Your poem speaks of the experiences you’ve had and have gone through, and what you’re experiencing now, and, as I previously commented, it’s breath-takingly beautiful to me, because I, as a reader, took time to learn about where these words have come from and what background they have.

    Keep writing Terry. Not only because you’re eloquent, but also because it’s healing and cathartic. It provides you with a psychological relief.


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