I Made a Splash

Today I woke up too early considering I went to bed in the wee hours; but there was a reason I didn’t know at the time.

I got up, had that first, hot cup of coffee and went to work on cooking up a chicken. I made a healthy lasagna using  shredded chicken instead of beef. Added low-fat cottage cheese, Colby cheese, mushrooms and olives and lots of spices.

I also made my short and easy five-layer salad. I used Turkey bacon, shredded Colby cheese, one bag of frozen mixed vegetables. I added some diced tomatoes and covered with mayonnaise. Now I have two meals in the refrigerator that I will eat throughout the week.

I was glad I did stay awake because I received a text inviting me to my friend’s house for a swim party this afternoon. I was a little shy but told myself, go, it will get you out of the house. You deserve to have some fun and nothing is happening here at the house for sure. Let the lonely feelings slip off your shoulders for a while.

So I went and I was right. I had never been to her house. It was beautiful; sitting on three acres of beautiful, rolling ground. The house was big and the bathroom was the size of my bedroom. The pool was full-size and crystal clear.

When I arrived all my other friends were there and a couple of friends I see once in a while, along with their kids.

I stood like a big, shy chicken at first then slowly made my way to the steps of the pool. Once in all shyness left as the water was exhilarating and felt so cool. We all chatted and watched the kids using giant squirt guns. I even got squirted a few times.

After a couple of hours of swimming I got a little pink but not burnt. My darn medicines don’t allow me to be in the sun too much so a good amount of sunblock spray was drenched on me.

We got out for a bit and had turkey sandwiches and chips and continued our chatting. The clouds started rolling in and as I looked at the clock. I had been there for five hours. Wow, I did it; no panic attack, no sad thoughts. Listening to all of their issues sure makes me realize I am not alone in my own suffering. We are all just going through different things.

Thanks so much Sue for inviting me out. I had a wonderful time and tossed all my cares away for five hours. Photos are below my friends.

poolpool 2pool 3pool 4pool 5pool 6pool 7

23 thoughts on “I Made a Splash

  1. Isn’t it great to get away and then just lose yourself and all your troubles in the experience! I have to push myself too, but usually always grateful that I did!! Glad you had such a great day! 🙂


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