Wicked Weather Reminds me of MSA

The storm came quickly; but anyone who works days or goes to bed early would have missed the warnings maybe. It was swift and dangerous, winds blowing in all directions.

As I sat in my bathroom praying, I reflected back to last fall when an unexpected Tornado warning appeared. We usually don’t get them here at that time of year. Al could only stand about five seconds and could not walk.

I managed by myself to get him out of his bed and into his wheelchair. I pushed him into the bathroom and used those five seconds to help him over the tub. I sat him on his shower bench and then gathered all of the items I wanted to keep close to me.

This included medications, candles, monies, purse, car keys, flashlights. When the sirens went off the third time I covered Al with a blanket and prayed for the both of us. While I was praying Al was yelling, ” She is kidnapping me! She is kidnapping me! Someone help me.”

That was the only time I laughed as I was praying. I said my Amen and explained to Al I was trying to save his life. I told him a bad spell of winds was coming. He then settled down. I guess when I look back I should have explained first what I was doing, but I didn’t feel I had time.

Last night as I sat on my own seat, I thought of Al. I prayed but didn’t laugh. Instead I shed tears for the loss I feel with my brother not being here. We come into this earth and we are taken out. I lost Al. Others lose their loved ones. Unexpected death can happen in a blink of an eye.

Last night there was a lot of damage in my town. Trees down, roofs laying in the middle of streets. Houses and cars damaged. One 14-year-old boy was killed when a tree fell onto the roof of his room.

Please take the time to say hello and I love you to those you love. If you are carrying a grudge, get rid of it. If you have hurt someone, say you are sorry. If you owe a debt, pay it. You never know when your last breath is your last.


– A teen boy was killed overnight when a storm caused a tree to fall on his family’s mobile home.
According to a press release from the Winona Lake Police Department, police and fire departments were dispatched to 1202 Wooster Road, lot 76, in Fairlane Mobile Home Park, where a tree had fallen on a trailer due to high winds.
First responders saw a large tree that had broken off and fallen on the front portion of the trailer. Two residents were found in the center part of the trailer uninjured.
Two other young occupants had been in a bedroom in the front of the trailer. A search began and one of the subjects was found with minor injuries. After police searched through debris in the bedroom, they found the second person fatally injured by the fallen tree, the press report stated.

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6 thoughts on “Wicked Weather Reminds me of MSA

    • It definitely was. My brother’s illness was just as scary, except it was every day. This is why I wrote my second book, to help ease others fears. Thanks Chess!!!


    • It was scary but I just prayed, and the winds took a different direction. But in town and also ten minutes from here was a mess. Weird how I was left alone. I was one of the lucky ones


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